The winner of the mixed format no-limit hold’em tournament was 72-year-old Quebec player André Boyer. The winner had to beat 873 opponents to claim his second WSOP champion bracelet and a cash prize of $ 250,483. The unusual format of the tournament involved a standard no-limit hold’em tournament on Day 1, a 6-max tournament on Day 2, and two rounds of heads-up tournaments on Day 3, in which the winners formed the eight participants in the final game. Despite the fact that many considered Mr. Boyer’s age a serious obstacle to success, the winner himself considers it to be his advantage. He says opponents who see his old age as a disadvantage make the same mistake as players who underestimate women as rivals at the poker table. Also, Mr. Boyer admits that he deliberately does not wear his championship bracelet so that rivals perceive him as a pensioner who accidentally got into the game.

Matthew glantz

In reality, Mr. Boyer is not at all an inexperienced tourist. Back in 2005, he beat renowned pro player Matt Glantz in a heads-up $ 3,000 No Limit Hold’em tournament for which he earned a $ 682,810 cash prize. Although, according to Mr. Boyer himself, the atmosphere at the championships in 2005 and 2014 was radically different, since the tournament in 2005 was not covered at all in the media and there were only participants and a few spectators in the room, and the tournament itself ended at 3 a.m. Following his 2005 win, Mr. Boyer has devoted much of his time to the development of Hold’em in Quebec. He helped a friend organize a poker league, and for a time worked as an analyst at a local poker show.

Huck seed

But Mr. Boyer learned the taste of the big game much earlier than 2005, namely in 1996, when he reached the final game of the main event of the WSOP, in which he finished 6th and received a cash prize of $ 97.5 thousand. The winner of that tournament was Hack Sid.

Erwann Pecheux

This year, the decisive role in the heads-up was played by the moment when, seriously inferior to the opponent in the number of chips, Mr. Boyer, who had a cross ten and a five of spades, went all-in when the flop came with a ten of spades and a queen of diamonds and a jack. His opponent, French player Herouanne Pesche, who had a cross-jack and four, made a return bet. The turn came the ace of hearts, and the river came a ten of diamonds, giving Mr. Boyer the opportunity to make a three and turn the tide. Just six hands later, the game ended with a win for Mr. Boyer, earning him his second WSOP Champion bracelet. 

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