If you love playing roulette, then you probably know that there is no successful game of roulette without the use of a successful gaming strategy. There are a very large number of such strategies, so you must choose the right strategy you need. We recommend trying a strategy called "Basic Five", which, although it belongs to rather risky strategies, but leads to an excellent result, however, if the player turns out to be even a little bit lucky.

Beginner strategy

This strategy is suitable for those players who are just starting to play, because it is quite simple and easy to understand. It is based on the elements of a mathematical progression and a little bit of luck for the player himself. So, to begin with, you must select any five numbers that are on the roulette playing field. You don’t need to use any special techniques to select these five numbers. You should just trust your luck and intuition and choose them, and not follow some silly calculations, which, in this case, will not help anyway. By the way, among the five numbers you have chosen, there may well be zero, there is nothing wrong with that, because this strategy quite allows this option. After five numbers are selected, you decide on the size of the bet, it will be better if it is the same for all numbers, and make them.

Let’s play further

Then the roulette wheel rotates and a certain result falls out. It can be in your favor, then you get a win, or not in your favor, then you lose your bet. But in any case, the game should be continued further. In the event that none of the numbers you have chosen has fallen out during seven roulette spins, then you should change the tactics of your game. To do this, you must increase your bet exactly six times, and you must place this increased bet on the five numbers you selected earlier. For players who like this method of play, a special table was even developed, which becomes a kind of guide for them.

It is also worth noting that, based on the theory of probability, if you place a bet on five numbers out of thirty-six possible, then the win may not come seventeen times in a row, but on the eighteenth time the win will surely come. Figuratively speaking, you just need to wait for the winnings, but for this you must have enough money in your account. If you are going to make an initial bet of one dollar, then you should have at least five hundred and ten dollars in your pocket. But it’s okay if you don’t have that kind of money, because you can bet less than a dollar, although the maximum winnings will then be much less, but the risk will also be less. Here it is only for you to make a decision and, I hope, it will be correct in any case!

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