Romania has its own World Poker Tour (WPT) Champion after Vlad Darie defeated 234 opponents in the main event of the PartyPoker WPT Vienna to win € 170,800 in cash and qualify for the WPT World of Poker Championship.

The final game of the tournament began on the afternoon of March 20. Each of the 6 participants in the final game was guaranteed to receive a cash prize of at least 31,500 euros.

2016 partypoker WPT Vienna ME finalists

On the 28th hand of the final game, Mr. Darie, who had a pair of eights, got involved in a confrontation with Giorgios Zisiomopoulos, who had a king and a jack, which turned out to be completely useless. Mr. Zisiomopoulos finished 6th with a prize of 31,500 euros. Literally in the next hand, Dietrich Fast knocked out Dominik Boschniak from the game. In the decisive hand, Mr. Boshniak had a pair of tens, and Mr. Fast had an ace and a queen. The flop came an ace, an eight and a nine, the turn a jack, and the river a five, bringing Mr. Boschniak to 5th place and a € 39,360 prize. Then 27 more hands were played before Zoltan Gal, who was holding an ace and a king, first raised the bet to 100k, and then called an all-in move by Mr.Fast, who hoped to win his second WPT title, there were ace and ten crosses. The flop came a three of hearts, as well as a cross three and a king, giving Mr. Fast the hope of making a flush, but the jack of spades on the turn and a six of hearts on the river ruined those dreams by passing the hand over to Mr. Gal, who collected 2 pair. Mr. Fast finished in 4th place with a prize of € 109,340. The three of them left, the finalists managed to play 19 hands, after which the tournament was left by the player from Great Britain, Matthew Davenport. The popular British professional poker player lost almost all of his chips in the fight with Mr. Darie, and on the 75th hand went all-in with an ace and a nine. Both opponents answered him: Mr. Gal, with six and five, and Mr. Darie, with ten and nine. Thanks to the queen, eight and seven on the flop, seven on the turn, six on the river, Mr. Darie was able to make a straight combination, and Mr. Davenport took 3rd place and received a prize of 70,800 euros for him.

Vlad Darie wins 2016 partypoker WPT Vienna ME

At the start of the heads-up, the chip advantage was on Mr. Gal’s side: 4.17 million versus his opponent’s 2.335 million. However, 78 hands later, his opponent was the winner. In the hand that decided the outcome of the tournament, Mr. Darie, who had a king and a six, went all-in, thereby forcing Mr. Gal to answer, who at that time of the game already had significantly fewer chips, and had an ace and a two in his hands. The flop came a five, a six and a nine, and a two came on the turn, allowing Mr. Daria to make a pair of sixes, surpassing Mr. Gal’s pair of twos, who took 2nd place and a prize of € 109,340. 

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