Humanity has always dreamed of learning how to travel in time, because such an ability would give them a unique opportunity to completely control the course of history. Probably, each of us at least once in our life wanted to turn back the flow of time in order to correct some mistake of the past. And many would like to go to the future to see if the cruelly beautiful will not be far away.

Instead of a preface

Traveling not only through space, but also through time, at least in virtual reality, has now become possible thanks to the developers from Betsoft and their amazing new slot machine called "MilesBellhouseandHisCuriousMachine". Daring adventures await you with exquisite prizes and pleasant cash rewards.

Description of the game

The video slot consists of 5 reels and 30 paylines. There is no progressive jackpot here, however, everyone, even the most sophisticated players, will be satisfied with the machine, thanks to a variety of additional features. Top-notch entertainment comes with high payouts if you manage to collect scatter symbols, wilds, and free spins. The minimum bet per line is only 2 cents, and the maximum is 50. You can bet up to $ 75 per spin.

As mentioned above, this slot boasts an abundance of gaming options. For example, the “Wild” symbol, which in itself is not paid in any way, but it can replace any of the other symbols, thus, the probability of a winning combination increases significantly. In addition, the same "wild", if there are no symbols in the line that it could profitably replace, starts spinning those symbols that are located next to it, swapping them.

A very interesting second chance re-spin option can also drop out randomly. It drops out quite often, even if the rate was not high. Thanks to this option, you can re-run one of the 5 machines and create a winning combination.

Free spins with a threefold multiplier can be triggered if the player is lucky enough to collect three dinosaur symbols.

In the bonus round, the player will embark on an exciting journey through time with the help of a bonus symbol, which is an image of a time machine control panel. In this round, the main characters will have to break away from the pursuing General Traitor as much as possible. To start your escape, simply press the start button.

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