Many people automatically associate the most extravagant casinos with Las Vegas. The sparkling metropolis in the middle of the Mojave Desert is home to swanky gambling establishments. But the gambling world is not limited only to Las Vegas. We present a list of the most expensive and luxurious casinos in the world.

The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden Casino (Germany)

Top 10 World Casinos in Luxury Style

The old Kurhaus in Baden-Baden dates back to 1820. If you want to enjoy gambling at the highest level without a massive flow of tourists and regular visitors, then Kurhaus is a great option. In addition to the casino, you can relax in the hotel’s renowned spa area or hike the Baden-Baden hiking trails.

Hotel de Paris & Casino de Monte-Carlo (Monaco)

Top 10 World Casinos in Luxury Style

The famous Monte Carlo is two iconic hotels connected by a short flight of stairs. It has become a favorite spot for high rollers willing to spend millions to play. The majestic casino is renowned for its luxurious and elegant interiors and VIP services. It is strongly associated with James Bond, because several films of the famous "Bond" were filmed here.

Sun City Resort and Casino (South Africa)

Top 10 World Casinos in Luxury Style

Sun City is enveloped in the atmosphere of an African safari. The world class casino has slots, blackjack, roulette and other games. For players who prefer to play at high stakes, separate areas are provided to ensure privacy and security.

The Wynn Hotel and Casino (Las Vegas)

Top 10 World Casinos in Luxury Style

This list won’t be complete if it doesn’t include Las Vegas. The Wynn Hotel and Casino is considered one of the most expensive casino hotels in the world. The gambling establishment offers an excellent selection of traditional table games and slot machines. There is also a golf club designed by former owner Steve Wynn. The casino’s interior design is also impressive. Wynn’s emphasis on luxury sets it apart from most Las Vegas resorts.

The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan Casino (Puerto Rico)

Top 10 World Casinos in Luxury Style

The elegantly decorated casino evokes memories of a bygone era. It is located in The Ritz-Carlton Hotel and is one of the most luxurious gambling establishments in the world. Among the many games presented here, there are roulette, blackjack, let-it-ride games (the poker player plays against the dealer), mini-baccarat, slot machines.

Casino de Ibiza (Spain)

Top 10 World Casinos in Luxury Style

Ibiza is known for its beaches and wild parties. But for those who want to try their luck, there is a chic casino located in the Ibiza Gran Hotel. Here you can spin a roulette wheel or play a slot machine. In addition, the Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino hosts Texas Hold’em tournaments, attracting a large number of poker professionals and enthusiasts.

Venetian Macao Resort Hotel Casino (Macau)

Top 10 World Casinos in Luxury Style

Macau is called the Asian Las Vegas and the opening of this casino hotel in 2007 solidified the city’s claim to the title. The Venetian Macao Casino is not only the most expensive and luxurious in Macau, but also the largest in the world, as it covers an area of ​​almost 50,000 square meters. Here players are offered: 500 gaming tables, 2,000 slot machines and a huge selection of other entertainments. This magnificent casino hotel houses shopping malls, world-class restaurants and luxury boutiques.

Marina Bay Sands Casino (Singapore)

Top 10 World Casinos in Luxury Style

Marina Bay Sands has become the most iconic and recognizable structure in Singapore thanks to its impressive futuristic design and colossal construction costs. The posh casino has a total of 2,300 slots, 500 gaming tables and other entertainment options. In this luxurious complex, players can visit the science museum or watch a world-class production at the grand theater.

Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino (Argentina)

Top 10 World Casinos in Luxury Style

The grandiose Park Hyat Casino, which is located in the heart of the Argentinean city of Mendoza, is interesting for its special architecture. The building was built in the Spanish colonial style, and the old facade of the 19th century has been carefully restored.

The casino presents all the standard games and services available in such top-class establishments. But the game that stands out is Punto y Blanca, which is a favorite among the locals.

The Bellagio (Las Vegas)

Top 10 World Casinos in Luxury Style

Another Las Vegas casino, The Bellagio is known as one of the most luxurious and extravagant establishments ever built in the world. His fame increased dramatically after the film "Ocean’s Eleven" was filmed here. The casino offers players premium gambling. The Bellagio is also known for its "dancing fountains". This water show has become a major attraction in Las Vegas.

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