Cowards helped a drug addict to rob a casino

The resourceful thief robbed the casino, hid and took out the stolen goods in his underpants. During the arrest, the police had to put their hands in the underwear of the criminal in order to seize the stolen money.

The Stuttgart District Court sentenced the 32-year-old drug addict to six years in prison. He is accused of robbing two casinos that took place a year ago.

The defendant vehemently denied his guilt, but the prosecution presented as evidence the exact amount of the stolen, which the police seized from him during his arrest out of … cowards.

Went to a crime for the sake of a dose

The defendant was an inveterate drug addict, he was tightly on the needle. To get money for the next dose, he decided to rob. Armed with a fake pistol, he managed to scare the casino employee, who resignedly gave him the proceeds.

The thief was arrested without delay. During a search, a wad of money was pulled out of his panties, the amount and denominations of which coincided with those stolen from the casino.

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