The value of the percentage of payments when playing on slots

One of the important parameters of slot machines that appear in the descriptions is the percentage of its payments. Many players, especially beginners, do not know what it is. It’s pretty simple. Payout percentage is a fraction (usually small) of your total bets. This amount will be returned to you as your winnings. The higher the bets made, the higher the payout percentage, but not all casinos adhere to this rule.

How do you find a good machine gun? Often slot machines offer a very low payout percentage, which increases the house edge. Therefore, when choosing slot machines, choose those that give the greatest advantage to the players.

Choosing the right establishment

Another important factor. The main disadvantage is that it is very difficult to independently determine the percentage of payments. There are several ways to do this in a real casino, but they are categorically unsuitable for online casinos. Here you need to use your methods. Start by studying the ratings of online casinos on information portals.

Demo mode will help determine the percentage of payments

You can roughly calculate the percentage of payments by playing for a while in the training mode. Almost all online casinos offer this feature today. At the same time, you play for virtual money and you can safely conduct your calculations. Try to place bets on different amounts. Start with one dollar, for example. See what percentage is returned to you. After that, place your bet for ten dollars. You must not miss a single spin or a single bet. After carefully studying everything, you can estimate the percentage of payments. With this information, you can go to the game with real money, already understanding what bets are worth making. To choose an institution where you can safely play for money, right now, click the button below.

Playing on slot machines with a low payout percentage does not justify itself, it is only profitable for the casino. When choosing a slot machine for yourself, take into account its theme, the presence or absence of bonuses and prize rounds, and, of course, the percentage of payments.

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