Any casino is interested in the fact that its client spends as much of his money as possible in the institution and goes to certain tricks for this. Some of them are so subtle that the player does not even have time to understand what was the matter and what went wrong. Some of these unfair casino tricks can now be dealt with very effectively with Android and iOS phones. Modern mobile devices are very functional and they help gamblers avoid traps. What are the actual traps in question, read below.

1. Happy people do not observe time.

The complete absence of clocks (as well as windows) for the casino has already become a textbook trick. Playing in a casino, a person completely loses track of time and from this plunges into the game even deeper. Now even not every player wears a watch, many prefer to check the time on their mobile phone, including perhaps during the game.

2.Exquisite design? No, I haven’t.

If you have been to a real land-based casino, then you probably noticed how casual the atmosphere is, it is likely that the ugly carpet on the floor caught your eye. Do not think that this designer was lazy or that the institution decided to save money on his services. The institution is not interested in the player admiring the picture hanging on the wall or looking at the frescoes on the ceiling for half an hour. The visitor should be focused on the game and bring money to the casino.

3. Popularization of strategies

The casino will never be in the red, because any game has its advantage. Now there are a lot of strategies that can supposedly help to outperform such establishments. Whichever strategy you use, the casino advantage won’t go away. Over the long run, any strategy takes the player into the negative, although if these strategies are periodically alternated, then something can be won. A modern mobile phone allows a person to select effective strategies right before the game, even arriving at the casino building. Of course, the staff will not allow this right at the gaming table.

4.Secret slot return

Have you noticed that the casino never indicates the payout of its slot machines as a percentage? Quite strange, isn’t it? Smartphones have finally solved this problem. Now all the necessary information can be found on the Internet straight from a casino somewhere in Vegas, standing at the slot machine for which you are going to sit.

5 hidden rules

We are talking in particular about the hidden blackjack rules, which can sometimes work in favor of the casino client who knows about them. For example, the possibility of doubling the bet without restrictions when there are from one to four decks in the game, the ability to split the hand again, etc. It can be hard for a beginner to keep all the nuances of the rules in his head, and then a smartphone will help him out, with which he can always be viewed and remembered.

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