On his account, the young poker player Phil Ivey, in a relatively short way, scored six gold bracelets for the winner of the World Series of Poker, and also the title of the most successful poker player of our time. By the way, Ivy himself was born in New Jersey, where he spent his entire youth. But the player’s career began when Phil moved to Atlantic City.

Ivy’s gambling career

Ivey’s first overwhelming victory was in 2000 at the WSOP in a limited Omaha tournament, where his opponents were the equally famous poker players Phil Hellmuth and Amarillo Slim. At that time, Phil Ivey was barely 23 years old, and after a couple of years he again proved himself as a successful and intelligent player, winning three prestigious titles at the WSOP tournament.

In addition, Ivy managed to get two high-profile victories in the famous gambling house of Las Vegas "Bellagio", to take first place in the World Poker Open championship and pride of place in private tournaments. Phil has made it to the final table on several occasions during the World Poker Tour.

2005 was especially successful for Ivey, when he was twice lucky to be at the final table of the WPT, to win the most prestigious WSOP tournament, which was then held on Lake Tahoe. In the same year, Phil Ivey added a gold bracelet to the number of victories for the player for a brilliant performance at the WSOP Championship in the $ 5,000 No-Limit Omaha tournament. In addition, at the Monte Carlo Millions, he was able to take first place and take away the $ 1 million prize pot. But the most interesting thing is that after this incredible victory, less than a day had passed since Ivey won six hundred thousand dollars in the competition "The FullTiltPoker.Net Invitational Live from Monte Carlo".

The next year, 2006, was no less successful for Phil Ivey. At the very beginning of this year, he was awarded the title of "Player of the Year" from three famous publications at once: "All In Magazine", "UK Gaming Awards" and "Bluff Magazine". This incredible poker player’s achievements in 2006 include second place in Omaha Hi-Lo and third in the fifty thousand dollar HORSE competition. It is worth noting that these two victories have enriched Ivy by eight hundred thousand dollars.

Personal life

Phil Ivey has been happily married for several years now. His wife was a girl with whom Phil had been in love since high school. The couple lives in Vegas. When it comes to playing online, the only place where Ivy can be found is at Full Tilt Poker.

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