Professional poker players amaze gamblers with their dexterous play, subtle calculation and phenomenal analytical skills. The wins they win at every major championship are mind-boggling. One thing that eludes these wizards of the card world is style. Not every master of analysis at the poker table can boast of a flawless appearance.

Today we present to your attention the top 5 most stylish, trendy and attractive poker players.

Daniel Negreanu

In addition to his extraordinary talent as a poker player, Daniel has a special affection for first-class designer shoes. The famous player owns an extensive collection that is constantly growing. Negreanu posts all the new items on his instagram. And although he often comes out in the usual casual style, he always has another piece of art on his feet.

Winners style!  Top 5 most fashionable poker players!

Samantha Abernathy

Young and beautiful Samantha attracts poker fans not only with the ability to correctly place bets and skillfully bluff. She closely monitors her figure, works out in the gym and often rides a bike. The clothes that Abernathy prefers emphasize her gracefulness and plasticity. Perhaps this is one of her tricks, which allows you to distract the attention of opponents at the poker table.

Winners style!  Top 5 most fashionable poker players!

Andrew Moreno

The famous professional enjoys the special attention of the female audience. Andrew is always smartly dressed, has a great hairstyle and is to some extent a "style icon" among the male poker players. Moreno’s wife is the charming Christy Arnett. She often appears at tournaments with her husband and their outfits are in perfect harmony, creating a certain ensemble.

Winners style!  Top 5 most fashionable poker players!

Liv Boehry

The world famous poker woman knows how to shock the audience not only with her intellect, but also with a stylish, well-thought-out appearance. The winner of many tournaments prefers to appear in public in chic white or red dresses. A burning brunette knows how to attract attention to herself and is an adornment of any event with her participation.

Winners style!  Top 5 most fashionable poker players!

Tony Dunst

Australian macho Tony Dunst deservedly occupies the top of the list of the most stylish poker players. Its appearance is always flawless. The perfect hairstyle, designer suits, the manners of a true gentleman and a constant smile with a squint make him the main heartthrob of the poker party. Many gamblers try to inherit his unique style and demeanor.

Winners style!  Top 5 most fashionable poker players!

Author: © Alexander Filipov

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