Usually, gambling establishments are very rarely targeted for robbery. And there are several reasons for this: firstly, in the last century, the owners of casinos were most often the criminal gangs themselves. And secondly, most of the robbers often entertained themselves with the help of gambling, so they did not want to rob the objects in which they spent so much time pleasantly. However, certain casino robberies did happen, although they looked a little different. It is worth noting that in 2012 the movie "Casino Robbery" was filmed, which tells about the robbery of a gambling establishment while playing poker, and the main role is played by Brad Pitt.

In general, despite the profitability of gambling establishments, they do not have as much money as in banks, in which they often keep their capital. Therefore, attackers give more preference to cleaning the latter.

Almost boarding

One of the most famous cases of casino robbery is the story of the ship’s captain, who really did not like the fact that he lost all his money in a gambling establishment. After the casino refused to return the lost to him, the sailor returned to his ship and … sent all the guns of his own ship to the casino. This turned out to be a good reason for returning the money to the loser, since the gambling establishment was located right on the seashore.

Robbery clean up

A no less famous case of the cleansing of a casino is the legendary winnings of the famous Englishman Charles Wells, who in 1891 managed to beat him completely. Moreover, it is not easy to win against him during some of his separate visits. Charles simply ransacked the casino without leaving him a dollar. The institution ran out of all the chips. Until now, no one has been able to recreate this famous case, since it is really almost impossible.

Robbery with a defect in the wheel

Interestingly, the casino described above has been robbed before. We even know the exact amount and people who did it, as well as how they did it. In 1873, another Briton, Joseph Jaggers, decided with a team of his workers to constantly monitor casino roulettes. Thanks to this, he was able to find a certain defect in one of them, which led to more frequent occurrence of certain numbers on the reel. Joseph and his team took advantage of the information they had and hit a $ 325,000 jackpot! That’s a lot of money even now, let alone 1873.

Thus, known casino robbery cases tend to be related to gambling in these establishments, rather than a deliberate and premeditated gun crime.

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