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Play Sweet Life slot machine for free

Sweet Life

The Sweet Life assault rifle is based on the development of the confrontation between bears and bees. As you know, bears love such delicacies as honey. It is necessary to help the main character so that he can prepare stocks of fragrant honey for the cold season. For this, the bees will reward you with barrels of amber honey!

3 hive symbols on the screen mean the start of the bonus game. Your hero-bear appears in the bee apiary, where there are five sweet boxes. However, everything is much more complicated: there is no honey in one of the five boxes, but there is a big, big bee. She prevents you from reaching the cherished goal: to go to a huge barrel of honey.

When all 5 hives are unlocked, a super bonus game is the prize. Here the choice is simpler, in fact, 50×50, however, the bonus itself is also greater, in the case when the barrel with honey is chosen correctly.

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