Spain banned private operators from advertising gambling

From now on, private gambling operators can no longer advertise their casinos or gambling in Spain. Thus, they are prohibited from advertising sports bets, games on television, on the radio or on the Internet. Also, such services should not be mentioned on the players’ shirts, in stadiums or various events.

Despite the ban, advertising of gambling to private operators in the gaming industry is permitted at night. At the same time, the new requirements apply only to private casino owners, but state casinos and lotteries can continue to conduct their marketing campaigns at any convenient time.

This decision is due to the desire of the authorities to overcome gambling addiction among underage users. She also intends to reduce the possibility of impulse addiction to gambling. Private companies will be able to advertise their gambling only from 1 am to 5 am.

As a reminder, back in November 2020, a royal decree was approved, according to which government agencies have strengthened the regulation of advertising in the field of gambling. Operators were given a 10-month transition period to prepare for the new work environment. During this time, it was forbidden to enter into new agreements for the advertising of casino games and lotteries.

The ban on advertising for gambling applies to television and radio, as well as all outdoor marketing. That is, you cannot place banners and logos of gambling operators, visual and audio support at different events. Sports sponsorship is also banned; casino names cannot be mentioned in the names of stadiums, clubs and competitions.

At the same time, the restrictions do not apply to state gambling operators. Operators will be fined for violation of the law: from 100 thousand to 1 million euros. The activity of gaming operators may also be suspended for up to six months. Thus, private companies have limited opportunities to advertise their services.

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