Of course, this will not happen tomorrow, not after tomorrow, and not even after after tomorrow, but the countries of South and Central America are likely to become one of the next in line markets that will be in the spotlight of major gambling Internet tycoons. The potential profits received by any of the countries that have legalized online gambling on their territory are amazing any imagination, and tens of millions of potential customers of this industry among the inhabitants of these countries are harshly squeezing out of the government the immediate adoption of updated laws that correspond to the current market conditions.

Latin american market


The interest in the gambling markets of South and Central America is so great that last year one of the largest conferences in the Internet gambling industry was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the first ever Brazilian gambling congress was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Mr. Victor Arias Lopez, Casino Fantasia Latin America Manager told the press, “In the last 7 years of my career in the online gaming industry, I have focused my research and work on the Latin American market. It is really important to recognize the curious growth interest on the part of the largest companies from all over the world in conquering a market with a population of more than 600 million people in 27 countries that show stable tangible economic growth and the desire for this acquisition is becoming more evident every day. ".

In countries like Brazil, currently in a record economic downturn while channeling astronomical taxpayer money into extravagant luxury like hosting the World Cup later this year, the online gambling industry could become the superhero that the country will desperately need in the future.

It’s just a matter of time before this booming industry is fully operational in Central and South America.

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