Slot machine "Trolls" will take the gambler into a fairy-tale world inhabited by funny yellow-green creatures, which, quite possibly, exist in reality, but simply hide from human eyes and avoid attention in every possible way. And trolls are also famous for their untold riches. The supplies of one of these greedy creatures can migrate to you, if, of course, you do not give preference to the free game mode, you are more determined and put your money on the line. To the owners of the forest, in order to scout out their hiding places, you first have to get into trust. How can you do this without unnecessary complications? The answer is very simple – you need to pretend, as they say, "on the board." Start spinning the reels without the slightest twinge of conscience, and as soon as you feel that you have caught your luck, cast a couple of magic spells that even this fantastic slot machine will not resist and will bring generous payments.

The game is simple enough 

Interacting with small monsters can make it much more difficult if you don’t have at least basic knowledge of trolls. Immediately hack into your nose that twenty paths, that is, paylines, run to gold. The leader of the trolls allows the player to bet on each of them no more than four coins, the denomination of which you determine at your discretion (can vary from one cent to one dollar). The most coveted and valuable combination is the complete line of Hemp, which brings in ten thousand credits. By the way, a stump in the game is also considered a wild symbol, that is, it replaces other symbols that are not enough for a paid combination. This action does not apply only to the scatter. Wilds are paid with a double multiplier. There is another wild symbol in the game called Gold. It can fall out only on the central reel, if this happens, the payout for the combination will be increased four times.

The Trolls slot machine will not leave its loyal fans without free spins. They are launched by a very nice scatter symbol, made in the form of the Moon sky. The length of the free round, of course, can be different and it depends on the number of scatters dropped. For five such symbols, thirty "free spins" are relied, for four – twenty, for three – ten. Unfortunately, the trolls do not allow restarting such a pleasure, because their generosity is not unlimited. All winnings received during the free round are paid with a coefficient of 3. As you have probably figured out for yourself, being in an outlandish forest can end up with a sum with many zeros for a player.

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