Slot machine "Pacific Attack" smokes and roars engines, and encourages to play all those who have long been haunted by the heroic air battles of the era that preceded the advent of the jet plane.

The plot of the game

The Pacific theater of military operations, the most remote from the European continent, gave the history of mankind large-scale battles, one of which is the subject of this device, which, not without reason, claims to be the best slot about the Second World War. An ace pilot with a difficult fate constantly recalls his beloved, whom he had to leave in civilian life because of the outbreak of the war. Such a classic "Hollywood" love-war story, which, in our case, is given a special acuteness by the element of excitement. The idea of ​​the developers of the slot machine was very stylishly implemented, a pleasant impression from it is also supported by decent wins, as well as the presence of a bonus game. Get ready to hit your jackpot, but be extremely careful, because you are at a higher height, from which it will be very painful to fall.

Fundamental rules

Some slots, although they are available in free mode, get bored very quickly by the player. The Pacific Attack is a rare but very pleasant exception to this rule. The special structure of the model also maintains a constant interest in it. It consists of fifteen pay lines, on each of which you can bet from one to twenty coins. According to the exchange rate of the middle of the last century, they are quoted in the range of one twenty cents. The widest scope for maneuvers will open to the pilot if he hits an impressive jackpot in the amount of five thousand credits. To get the main prize, you need to collect five portraits of the main character – the Pilot on the active line. For his bravery, he was also appointed a wild in this game. The Pilot cannot replace only scatters and bonus symbols.

The bonus round in the "Pacific Attack" is launched by the beloved of the protagonist, or rather at least three of her portraits. She brings free spins (ten for three portraits, twenty for four, thirty for five). An ace in love during such spins is capable of any miracles; he can triple the user’s winnings at this time.

Pacific Attack is a slot machine worth launching for the sake of its bonus game alone. Three or more images of the Airplane on the active line will take the player into a kind of variation of Naval Battle, which brings really solid payouts as a win. All that is required of you in the bonus game is exceptional intuition, which will help to correctly identify the location of the enemy fleet in the Pacific Ocean.

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