There have been no slots on the theme of heaven and hell in the world of gambling until this moment. If you are a deeply religious person who leads a righteous life and is afraid of eternal torment, we do not recommend you to play this device.

Heaven and Hell is a very nicely designed and no less interesting video slot with a rather simple structure – three reels and one line. At the top of the game screen, you will see a light blue sky with bushes of paradise, just below the legendary tree of knowledge, green grass and horned dancing satyrs. What is left to do when the underworld opens up under your feet? Is that a tree and climb. The concept, apparently, was not chosen by chance.

Mastering the game

"Heaven and Hell" is one of the most non-standard slot machines that we have come across. Even the maximum bet size here is not five or ten dollars, like all other slots, but fifteen. As for the symbols and the coefficients of payments on them, it is interesting that the "hellish" images for some reason cost a little more than the "heavenly" ones. If you philosophize a little, then we can assume that the developers thus wanted to seem that the angelic and divine has little to do with gambling. If you see some kind of frightening picture on the screen, then do not be alarmed, but rejoice, because it promises you good prize money. Unfortunately, there is no jackpot in the game. But all the same, it makes sense to play at maximum rates, the wrath of the Lord will not overtake you for this. The most expensive symbol of the game is the devil. It brings the player up to fifty bets.

The forbidden fruit, because of which Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise, and the heavenly gates are rated lower. Three identical symbols on the reels are paid at a ratio of 2 to 1. It is simply impossible to lose a lot on this slot machine.

The trident, apparently belonging to a hellish devil in the game, is a bonus symbol. Paradoxically, this "devilish" attribute opens the gates to heaven for the player, if, of course, four or five images of a trident fall out on the reels. The bonus game is called Paradise Ticket. In it, you will have to select a cell under which a certain coefficient is hidden. The bet placed in the main game will be multiplied by it.

Let’s start playing!

Actually, now you are more or less familiar with the "Heaven and Hell" slot machine. We can only mention the autoplay mode. To launch it, the user must set the desired number of spins, depending on the state of his balance. We advise you not to be too zealous, because at any moment you can fall from the heavenly bushes right into the hellish cauldron. Of course, not in the literal sense. The slot may not be to everyone’s liking, so you should start with the free mode, and only then decide whether to risk real money.

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