Robert Panich, also known by his tournament pseudonym "Uncle Krunk", passed away on 01 May. At the time of his death, he was 63 years old. Mr. Panich, a frequent contributor to the WSOP Circuit and WPT poker events and various poker events at the Borgata Complex in Las Vegas, died in his sleep, presumably of a heart attack. Mr. Panich was born on January 12, 1952 in Chicago, where and lived most of his life.

“He was, in the full sense of the word, his own boss,” recalls his brother, Richard Panich, in an interview with reporters. “No one could ever accuse him of following the crowd. He was a skilled amateur chef and did it on his own initiative long before this hobby became fashionable among the masses. "

Although he did not have children of his own, Bob was the "favorite uncle" for numerous nephews and nieces. But his family moniker soon found its way into the poker world as Mr. Panich quickly won the favor of young tournament goers who later dubbed him "Uncle Krunk".

Robert panitch

“Bob loved playing poker tournaments,” recalls Richard Panich. "He came to this hobby at a not young age, but these tournaments have become a very large part of his life. For many years, Bob was the only guardian of our elderly mother. After she passed away, almost four years ago, he began to take seriously playing poker tournaments. He loved the camaraderie and friendship that surrounded him in those tournaments. He really enjoyed the intellectual and emotional stress of poker tournaments. "

During his poker career, Mr. Panich has amassed $ 469,362 in tournament winnings. $ 137,283 of that amount, he won in March 2014 when he won the main event of the WSOP Circuit in St. Louis, Missouri. Then he received his second WSOP Circuit Champion’s gold ring, and the first went to him a year earlier for winning the $ 365 No Limit Hold’em Turbo Tournament at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. However, Mr. Panich earned his biggest winnings in his entire poker career when he finished 3rd in the WSOP Southern Comfort 100 National Championship in May 2013, which earned him $ 156,743.

Robert panitch

"Bob was an extremely caring person," says Richard Panich. “Countless times he has shown us favor and given small gifts, never even allowing the thought of expecting anything in return. He was our common guardian for the whole family, and if any of us ended up in a hospital Bob was always the first to come to see someone who was sick and always brought home-made elaborate dishes with him. Bob was an adventurer, he traveled a lot in his life, but he always returned home to his family. "

The Panich family, taking into account Robert’s wishes, will cremate his ashes. 

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