Illegal bets are ruining racetracks.  The jockeys are in a panic.

The security chief of the Hong Kong Jockey Club has asked the authorities to strengthen measures to counter illegal betting. The club has existed since 1884 and has long been one of the largest taxpayers in the city. In recent years, the racetrack has had serious problems with customer churn. Players are rapidly moving into the world of illegal bets.

In 2016, a special research group found that $ 2.6 billion was spent on the illegal gambling market over the year. This hit the official bookmakers hard. At the moment, the amount of turnover in the shadow business has increased. Its growth is outstripping the growth of legal casino earnings by 2 times.

The problem is the numerous sites that offer visitors to place bets on various events that the organizers themselves do not host. They also don’t pay a percentage to content producers such as racetracks, casinos and other entertainment venues.

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