�� Provider Push Gaming has announced the sequel to the extremely popular Jammin Jars slot. They didn’t really care about the name, so they just painted on the number “2” at the end. There’s not much detail from the manufacturer, but they promise some incredibly fantastic Giga Jar feature. What will actually happen – we’ll see!

�� The Irish authorities also decided to regulate gambling. Local authorities are concerned about the excessive growth in popularity of online casinos due to the pandemic – people simply have nothing to do at home, so they shove their money wherever they go. The essence of the limitation is that the maximum bet for players from these countries cannot exceed 100 euros. Poor Irish people, how can they live without such small rates … ��

❗️ One of the largest jackpots in history was recently won in the United States. The lucky one from Allegany County, Maryland, won $ 731.1 million in the Powerball lottery. Reading this, it doesn’t seem at all how much this amount is, does it? Let’s dream up a bit and translate it into more understandable numbers. One million dollars in one hundred dollar bills weighs 10 kilograms, and the lucky one won almost seven and a half tons of green bills. Is it still hard to imagine? And if we say that with this money you can buy more than one billion packs of infusions – a hearty meal for 1/7 of the planet, aha��. And, I almost forgot what I was all about – the prize is still not in demand! ��

The winner can expect to be paid the entire amount in equal annual installments over 29 years, or receive a one-time payment of just under $ 600 million. Would you come for that kind of money? ����‍♂️

�� The authorities of Monaco came up with an excellent idea of ​​controlling the game. As you know, some of the most popular establishments in the whole world are located there, which attract thousands and tens of thousands of players every year, but residents of Monaco themselves are prohibited from visiting them. Why? Because in the early 1800s, Princess Caroline insisted that casinos should only generate income from foreigners. And this ban is still in effect. But there is also a downside to the coin – citizens do not pay income tax at all, since it is covered by profits from the casino. As for me, the practice would be excellent in our countries too, don’t you think? ��

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Such is the case, guys. We’ll tell you something interesting again tomorrow, so stay tuned! ��

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