At 3:30 am local time on Wednesday, the 39-year-old Vietnamese American, Qui Nguyen, won the main event of the 2016 World Series of Poker (WSOP). On the final day of the main event final game, Mr. Nguyen managed to beat the remaining two of the November nine, Cliff Joseph and Gordon Vayo, to win an exclusive gem-encrusted WSOP championship bracelet and a cash prize of $ 8,005,896.

2016 World Series of Poker Main Event final nine

Only three participants made it to the last day of the tournament, as all other players dropped out of the game in the first days of the event. Ninth place and a prize of one million dollars went to Fernando Pons from Spain, who decided to move all-in against Mr. Joseph and lost. Jerry Wang of the USA finished in eighth place with a prize of $ 1,100,076 after his pair of jacks lost to a pair of queens from Vojtech Ruzicka (Czech Republic). Griffin Benger (Canada) dropped out in seventh place with a prize of $ 1,250,190, as he could not make any combination with an ace and a nine, and lost the hand to Mr. Vayo, who had a pair of pocket tens. Ace and queen Kenny Hollaert (Belgium) lost in one of the hands to a pair of aces Mr. Nguyen, and he was forced to leave in sixth place with a prize of 1,464,258 dollars. After that, the organizers sent the participants to the hotel to rest.

Returning to play the next day, Mr. Ruzicka made an unsuccessful attempt to bluff with Mr. Vayo, and lost almost all of his chips. In the next hand, Mr. Nguyen finished, and the Czech player was eliminated in fifth place with a prize of $ 1,935,288. Next, in fourth place with a prize of $ 2,576,003, was Michael Rouane of the United States, whose king and queen lost to Mr. Nguyen’s ace and jack.

The beginning of the last day of the tournament was quite intense: Mr. Joseph managed to double his chips in the first hand, but four hands later he lost about 90% of his chips. He later bounced back a bit, however, in the end, he still left the game, finishing in third place, for which he was entitled to a cash prize of $ 3,453,035.

Qui Nguyen Wins 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event 1

The heads-up between Mr Nguyen and Mr Vayo lasted for several hours, and when Mr Vayo’s chips were significantly depleted, Mr Nguyen finally knocked him out after the king and Mr Vayo’s ten lost to the jack and ten of his opponent. Mr. Vayo took second place and a cash prize of $ 4,661,228.

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