Top popular gambling games of 2019

Among the wide variety of gambling entertainment, there are popular gambling games chosen by players all over the world. We present the top of the best live casino games that managed to gain popularity in 2019.


According to statistics, about 21% of all players in the world choose roulette. And this is not surprising! The classic original game draws attention with its high level of excitement and risk. The gambler will have to completely rely on his intuition and luck when choosing what to bet on. And this is what is capturing users all over the world. The most popular are European and French roulette, as well as roulette without zero. The latter, by the way, is also less risky.

Slot machines

Slots gained popularity almost immediately after the emergence of the casino. Gambling software manufacturers have released thousands of such devices, which differ in design, game principles and additional bonuses. Some of them completely copy the classic one-armed bandits, while others have more modern features and interesting features. The most popular slot manufacturers are Igrosoft, NetEnt, Gaminator and others.


Today’s players prefer poker games at real tables. Since poker has been recognized as a sport, poker tournaments are now held with a large prize pool, gathering a huge audience. Poker players win huge sums of money in such tournaments and also become famous all over the world.

VR and 3D

It should be noted that modern gambling is becoming more interesting and unusual. Manufacturers are introducing new technologies into them, including virtual reality and 3D. Therefore, soon it will be possible to see more interesting and unusual gambling developments.

As you can see, modern gambling is slots, roulette and poker. Also, players are attracted by modern non-standard developments, which are considered a real breakthrough in the gambling industry. We do not encourage you to play in a casino, but in order to experience gambling emotions, you can play for free on our website on any slot.

Author: © Alexander Filipov

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