Starting to play in a casino, we do not always know which game to choose. We are offered slot machines, roulette, card games. All of them promise profit and an interesting pastime. But what are the most interesting and profitable games?

What do gamblers play?

If a person wants to play and get a win, we suggest choosing one of the most popular games:

  • Slots;
  • Roulette;
  • Black Jack;
  • Poker;
  • Baccarat.

Slots are considered the most profitable. Almost every casino offers slot machines to play for free, without registration and SMS. In addition, you can place real money bets. The winning percentage ranges from 90% to 96%.

Top 10 most popular slot machines on our website

The most interesting and profitable casino slot machines

We’ve collected statistics on what our players love to play. The most popular slots were Igrosoft and Gaminator:

  1. Strawberries (Fruit Cocktail, Strawberry).
  2. Resident (Safes).
  3. Monkeys (Crazy monkey, Crazy Monkey).
  4. Party Gold.
  5. Brotherhood.
  6. Bazaar.
  7. Books (Book of Ra).
  8. Pirates.
  9. Garage.
  10. Stoves (Keks, Keks).

Roulette can also bring good profits. Especially if you master the various betting systems. Then the player’s chances increase. Especially interesting are French, European and American roulettes. Although they are similar to each other, they have differences in recoil. In particular, European roulette is considered to be especially profitable.

Card games such as blackjack and poker require certain skills. But if a player has achieved mastery, knows how to make decisions quickly and knows the rules of the game, then he can get good winnings. One of the more interesting variations of poker is Hold’em, which is also the most profitable in this category. And blackjack surpasses French roulette in terms of its monetary profitability. Baccarat attracts few players, because not everyone knows its rules of the game. Even fewer players know that it is one of the most profitable.

Choose the most cash games, getting not only good emotions from the game, but also cash rewards.

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