Poker star arrested with massive drug shipment

Professional poker player Miku Raskin faces eight years in prison. He was arrested with a record consignment of drugs – 162 kg.

In the 49-year-old poker player’s cache, police found 162 kilograms of narcotic substances, cannabis oil extract, drugs for drug use and more than $ 140,000 in cash. The drugs are estimated at $ 500,000, the cost of the extract ranges from $ 170,000 to $ 340,000. The officers also confiscated a shotgun, black bookkeeping, two cars.

An inglorious future

Police said Mick Raskin kept illegal drugs in his apartment and in a specially rented warehouse. He ran an extensive drug distribution network in New York, Washington, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. The criminal activity has been carried out by the poker star over the years. Couriers delivered goods to customers at a price of $ 1,400 a pound.

The consignment of drugs confiscated from Ruskin is the largest in the history of Nassau County, where the arrest was made.

Mick Ruskin has earned nearly $ 2 million during his poker career. He was among the 800 best poker players in the world and ranked 9th in the Global Poker Index. His biggest win came at the Borgata Deep Stack, where he raised over $ 320K.

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