Play for free and without registration on Jurassic Park slot machine

Jurassic Park

The famous company Microgaming often releases slots, the plots of which are based on films. For example, her slot machine The Dark Knight Rises has long won the sympathy of users, and Jurassic Park can be just as interesting for them.

The slot is an original development on the theme of a popular movie. Therefore, the characters and heroes familiar to us act as symbols here.

Features of the gameplay

Instead of lines, the Jurassic Park slot machine provides 243 combinations. The whole game takes place against the backdrop of a green jungle, where long-forgotten animals live. Thanks to high-quality graphics, the characters of the slot look quite realistic.

The slot’s wild symbol can occupy the entire vertical and is also counted independently. The scatter is always counted and triggers bonus spins.

Bonus Game

Scatter symbols activate frispiny that have several levels. Each of them corresponds to the name of a certain dinosaur and has its own characteristics. Basically, at each level, certain wild functions are activated.

Jurassic Park is an original and unusual game that will love the colorful stories. The tiered bonus round offers many exciting opportunities for players.

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