Aside from playing high stakes cash games, launching a poker site, and getting ready to join the family, Phil Galfond has even more worries these days. Nevertheless, he found time to beat 237 opponents to win the 2018 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Pot-Limit Omaha – PLO Hi / Lo with a $ 10,000 buy-in, in which he won his third WSOP bracelet in his poker career, as well as a cash prize of $ 567,788.

The Champion himself calls his victory "unexpected", as he is not an expert in this kind of poker. Mostly he had to play no-limit hold’em and PLO, thanks to which, to date, his total tournament winnings are in the order of eight million dollars. As stated by Mr. Galfond himself, he did not play a single online distribution of PL08, and the only time he ever played this game was in a live tournament of twelve mixed poker games. It is worth noting that over the past year, Mr. Galfond has played very little poker, as he was closely involved in the launch of his poker site Run it Once Poker.

Michael McKenna at WSOP2018 PLO Hi_ Lo Championship

Mr. Galfond was registered to participate in the Championship, literally, in the last minutes, but this did not prevent him from being among the 23 participants who reached Day 3 of the Championship. Mr. Galfond himself evaluates his game on the final Day of the Championship as “quite good”. In a hand in which the prospect of his further participation in the game was being decided, he was lucky to collect a straight combination, beat Assani Fischer and stay in the game. In the future, he had to resort to all-in moves twice more, and everything was decided by one card dealt by the dealer, saving him from being knocked out of the final game of the Championship. In both cases, salvation came on the river. In addition, during the game, aces often came to him from the distribution, that his opponents regarded it as an unprecedented luck. Before only three finalists remained in the game, Mr. Galfond knocked out David "ODB" Baker, Marco Johnson and fellow former online poker superstar Chris "Genius28" Lee. Ali Abduljabbar left the game after the combination of cards he collected lost to the combination of cards collected by Michael McKenna. He finished third and received a prize of $ 240,497.

Phil Galfond wins WSOP2018 PLO Hi_ Lo Championship

Mr. McKenna entered the game on the final Day of the Championship as the chip leader and remained in the dominant position throughout Day 3 of the Championship. In heads-up he entered with a stack that was twice the opponent’s reserves. In the key hand of the tournament, Mr. Galfond had an ace, an eight, a seven, and Michael McKenna had a king, jack, ten, five. The flop came a nine and a pair of threes, the turn came a seven, and the river a five, which won Mr. Galfond the tournament and Mr. McKenna finished second for a cash prize of $ 350,922. 

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