Longtime partners Dusk Till Dawn and partypoker LIVE will host the Eurasian Poker Tour (EAPT) tournaments at the Cashville Casino located in Astana, Kazakhstan, from October 05-14.

In the series’ schedule, the highlight of course will be the main event of the $ 1,100 buy-in tournament with a $ 850,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool (GPF). By the way, this event will be the largest in the history of Cashville Casino. Previously, the title of the largest event held at Cashville Casino belonged to the main event of the EAPT series of tournaments with a buy-in of $ 2,150 and a GPF of $ 350,000, held at the institution in March 2014. Then, the Australian player, Vladimir Dombrovsky, beat 165 opponents to win the main cash prize of $ 87,420. The organizers express their hopes that a much larger number of players will take part in the upcoming series, which will accordingly affect the size of the prizes being awarded.

For those wishing to participate in the main event, there will be two different ways to qualify, in particular by participating in the online qualifier for Day 1 at partypoker or in the live qualifier for Day 1, directly at the Cashville Casino.

All potential tournament participants who want to start their participation in it, staying in the comfort of their own home, will be able to play in any two opening tournaments, from 05 to 08 October. Participants will start the game with a stack of one hundred thousand chips, and the blinds will be at 150/300. Participants who manage to stay in the game for the eight half-hour blinds will be eligible for Day 2 of the tournament.

2017EAPT Kazakhstan

There is also an alternative option for those potential participants who wish to pass the qualifying selection live: three starting Days, which will be held from October 10 to 12 at Cashville Casino. Players who choose this path of selection will receive one hundred thousand chips at the start, and the level of the blinds will increase every hour in the first two Days, and every 17 minutes – on the day the selection ends. Players who, at the end of the selection, will have chips in their hands will fight for another three days, October 12-14, until the winner of the tournament is finally determined.

However, the series will not be limited to just one main event, its schedule includes many accompanying tournaments in various types of poker and different buy-in levels, suitable for players of different income levels.

In the Kazakhstan Championship of Poker with a buy-in of 550 dollars, the second largest in the upcoming series of GPF tournaments, the amount of which will be one hundred thousand dollars, will be played. In this tournament, it is planned to hold three starting days on October 05-07, and the participants remaining in the game will continue to fight for the title over the next two days, October 07 and 08.

For the most affluent players from October 11-14, a four-day 8-MAX High Roller with a $ 2,200 buy-in and a seventy thousand dollars GUF will take place. From 07 to 09 October, the APoker.kz Cup will be held in the United Entry Days format with a buy-in of $ 165 and a GUF of twenty thousand dollars. On October 07 and 08, there will be a Mix-Max tournament with a buy-in of $ 660 and a GUF of thirty thousand dollars. And on October 14th, there will be an open Chinese poker tournament with a buy-in of $ 220. 

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