One of the most exciting variations of classic blackjack is the popular British blackjack game. We invite you to discover another opportunity to open up and win big.

What’s special about British blackjack

By joining the company of regulars of online British blackjack games, you will undoubtedly have a whole lot of fun. This internet card game has an original and unique design, which you are unlikely to find in other online casinos. If you consider yourself a professional blackjack game, you can easily reach the heights of mastery in British blackjack, as these two games are very similar. It will not be superfluous to note the financial availability of the presented game, because the minimum bet here is only ten cents of euros.

Basic rules in the game of British blackjack

As you may have guessed, the main task of the game is to collect a combination, the numerical equivalent of which will be most close to the number 21 or equal to it, this alignment will allow you to win the round and receive a considerable monetary reward. A few clicks on a chip of the selected denomination will increase your initial bet to the amount you need. For the opposite action, that is, to reduce the bet, press the right mouse button.

The "Deal Cards" option will allow the player to receive a pair of cards. The dealer receives only one card. In British blackjack it is possible to protect yourself from a possible blackjack dealer, for this you need to use the "Insurance" function.

If you need an additional card, click the "Take Cards" button. If you want to stay with the existing card combinations, then click "Enough". With a good layout of cards and confidence in a possible victory, the player can increase the size of the initial bet using the "Double" option. The "Slit" function will be very useful when you come across cards of the same value during the first deal, then two independent card combinations will be created.

After the dealer plays his own combination, the player learns about the results of the round.

Possible bets in the online game British Blackjack

Despite the similarity of British blackjack with its classic version, the first game has some peculiarities:

  • A simple win means that the player receives the amount of his bet.
  • Winning with blackjack, that is, if you have collected a combination of an ace and ten or a picture and an ace, means getting the amount of your bet plus another fifty percent of it.

To get new emotions and taste the atmosphere of excitement in a different way, give preference to British blackjack. Beat the croupier and get a good jackpot!

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