Probably, every gambler at a certain moment begins to think about whether it is possible to provide himself exclusively with games. Is it realistic to consistently win every week, every month, isn’t it stupid to play at a casino for the jackpot? Is it possible to hit the jackpot, which would be enough, for example, for a year of comfortable life and to continue playing in the casino? Unfortunately, the answers to these questions will not be comforting for most. Stable wins are only possible in poker and blackjack, if you are really good at these games, of course. As for gambling, where the skill of a person does not play any role, and the result is determined by a blind chance, then there is no chance of constantly earning money.

The statistics that gambling establishments try to collect on their customers show that only one tenth of the customers generate most of the profit, about ninety percent of it. Just imagine how much they are losing. Unfortunately, it is impossible to reliably find out all the details, since all these statistics are by no means in the public domain. However, recently the company Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment PLC, which owns the virtual casino, did publish some data. For two years, a study was conducted, the participants of which were 4 thousand 122 players. Its result makes it possible to imagine what life is like for professional gamblers.

What happened?

30% – this is the average probability of a gambler winning on a given day. However, this is only if he finished his playing session in positive territory, and did not continue to play further. Only eleven percent of the study participants were able to pass this mark in two years, having a positive balance. The winnings did not even reach one hundred and fifty dollars. In addition, research data showed that in 95% of cases, gamblers making very high stakes lost. There is only one positive player per one hundred twenty-eight negative ones.

These numbers clearly show that there is little point in trying to build a career as a professional gambler, because it is doomed to failure. You can make money in a casino, but turning the game into an ever-growing income has been enough. Even if you happen to be one of the successful gamblers, you can make a ridiculous amount in two years.

Of course, no one forbids to love gambling and go to casinos. However, gambling should remain just a hobby, a hobby. If a person begins to take him too seriously, then most likely he will be very disappointed.

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