Do you know the name of Oscar Grind? Unfortunately, no one knows if this is a real person or a legend invented by gamblers. There is a belief that, allegedly in the fifties of the last century, a certain Oscar Grind appeared, who almost always won in a casino. He preferred to play mainly craps. By the way, from the English word "grind" (sounds like "grind") the concept of "grinder" appeared, meaning a player who prefers low limits and rates in order to constantly and consistently earn small amounts.

However, the purpose of our article is not to find out if Oscar Grind actually existed or is it just a pseudonym for a person using the strategy, which we will now talk about.

Most often, the Grind theory is used in games with 50/50 odds (or close to this indicator), that is, in roulette, where you can bet on black / red, even / odd. As for sports betting, Oscar Grind’s theory is used in this area for any bet with odds ≈ 2.00.

Oscar Grind’s betting strategy follows a progression, the size of the bet and the amount by which it increases each time must be the same. The rate increases with each so-called subsequent move. Moreover, the player’s assumptions about the greater or lesser likelihood of the event should not influence this increase. If you liked the Grind financial management strategy and decided to apply it in practice, first of all, rationally calculate that progressive "unit", taking into account the capabilities of your bankroll.

The three main rules of Oscar Grind’s strategy

  • The starting bid must be one unit.
  • After the loss, we do not increase the bet, it remains in its original size.
  • After each winning bet, we increase it by one.

The goal of such a strategy is an income of one unit, and the period until the win (iteration) depends solely on the bettor and how far-sighted he is in the sport on which he bets.

Practical example

Let’s take 50 rubles for 1 unit. Usually, the average iteration rarely reaches 12, so a bankroll of 600 rubles should be enough for us, although, of course, more is better. Do not forget to bet on odds of 2.00.

Bet No. 1 – 50 rubles – odds. 2.00 – lost (550 bankroll).

Bet No. 2 – 50 rubles – odds. 2.00 – lost (bankroll 500).

Bet number 3 – 50 rubles – odds. 2.00 – won (550 bankroll).

Rate number 4 – 100 rubles – kf. 2.00 – won (650 bankroll).

Risk is a noble cause

Any progressive strategy, including that of Oscar Grind, is very risky. It can take a long time for the funds to pay off, do you have enough financial resources and patience for this? If the answers to both questions are positive, only then can we get down to business.

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