Play Mr. Vegas slot for free

Mr. Vegas

The slot machine "Mr. Vegas" can be classified as a classic one. It will take you to the gambling days of Las Vegas gambling, which is dominated by casinos. In one of them you have to play.

You are a bright, successful and rich person. You arrive at the casino in a large limousine, accompanied by two wonderful beauties, and then play roulette or poker. You are always welcome, admired and treated to expensive champagne. You are Mr. Vegas.

The game has 5 slot machines and 30 active lines. Thanks to the convenient control, you can adjust the amount of your risk by choosing the number of active lines that will participate in the game. After setting the desired number of lines, spin the drum. If 3 or more identical symbols appear on one line, you win. In some cases, two symbols on one line are enough to get a victory.

If the symbols "Mr. Vegas" and "Dice" have dropped out next to each other, then you are offered free spins, the number of which is equal to the sum of the values ​​dropped on the dice.

3 or more "Slot Machine" symbols on a line also activate free spins.

Another bonus game is Money Wheel. If 5 images with a playing reel appear on the screen, the game starts, where you can win wonderful prizes, bonus games, free spins!

If the symbol "Mr. Vegas" appears on the 1st, 3rd or 5th reel, then the game "Roulette" will start.

Slot machine "Mr. Vegas" offers a huge number of bonus games. However, even without them, you have a good chance of robbing a Las Vegas casino, because you are a successful and insanely lucky Mr. Vegas.

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