Everyone has their own approach to different kinds of lotteries and gambling. Someone plays thoughtfully, plans everything in advance, draws up a strategy, while others do it on a wave of excitement and ease.

But the chances of winning are the same both for those who play for a long time and carefully, and for those who become a casual participant in the game. Fortune is always unpredictable, it has its own system of choosing a winner.

Incredible victories

Any person has a chance to be included in the list of people who, by chance, became winners in a particular game. Of course, the only prerequisite in such a case is participation in such events. So, here is a list of the most unexpected and accidental victories.

  1. Larry Ross, a resident of Illinois, was not at all a fan of lotteries, but that did not stop him from becoming the owner of $ 363 million. The winning lottery ticket had to be bought because the hot dog seller had no change and the money had to be exchanged precisely by buying a lottery ticket.
  2. Colombian immigrant Juan Rodriguez lived on the brink of poverty. He worked as a watchman in a car park in New York. At the time of the win, this man had a debt of sixteen thousand dollars to the bank. Given Juan’s position, this amount was disastrous for him. In a fit of despair, the Colombian decided that the lottery was his last chance. He made the right decision, the ticket he bought brought him $ 149 million! 
  3. The story of Jim Densey, who lives on the territory of Michigan, is very similar to the story of winning the first hero of this article. The only difference is the amount, and the fact that the ticket was bought at a gas station, but also for the purpose of changing money. Then Jim won one million dollars.
  4. Our next hero is Donald Pierce. The 32-year-old Seattle resident was a regular participant in the lottery. And so, one day he was awarded for perseverance and faith in victory. Donald once again bought an instant lottery ticket in one of the supermarkets and checked it without leaving the checkout. Mr. Pearce could not come to his senses for some time after he saw the figure of 2,700,000 dollars on the ticket. He always dreamed of winning the lottery, but did not dare to count on such a generous gift.
  5. In 2008, the American Powerball lottery jackpot was hit. Eight workers of the meat processing plant organized a lottery syndicate and played for over 2 years. And in 2008, they were lucky enough to win $ 365 million. The ticket that brought them this victory was bought near their plant.
  6. Perhaps the most incredible win was that of the seventy-nine-year-old Australian. The woman bought a lottery ticket and filled in four rows of numbers. Due to the fact that the woman had vision problems, she entered the same numbers in several lines. It was thanks to such an accident that she became the owner of two million Australian dollars.

Well, the conclusion suggests itself: playing the lottery even occasionally, you have the same chances of winning as regular participants.

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