The gambling tycoon called his scam an ordinary luck

Casino tycoon and owner Carl Icahn has denied that his financial success is due to fraud and inside information. He calls it just luck.

Everyone would have such luck, which pursues the owner of the casino, the tycoon and just a close friend of the current US President Carl Eikon. He, as a clever investment expert, managed to dump shares of metalworking companies in the amount of $ 31.3 million in time. Why on time? The fact is that this decision was made by Karl just a couple of days before Trump signed a new decree on increasing excise taxes on the import of metal into the country from abroad, which predictably brought down the value of shares of all enterprises that process metal.

A surprising combination of circumstances attracted public attention. It turned out that the former adviser to Donald Trump, Karl Icon, most likely took advantage of the close relationship with the US leader and squeezed out information about the upcoming signing of the law. This activity is called insider trading and is punishable by law. Karl hastened to make a statement in which he justified his act. According to the millionaire, he was just lucky.

Enviable luck saved millions of dollars from a close friend of Trump. It’s amazing how gambling tycoons sometimes get lucky.

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