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Play Island 2 slot for free

Island 2

Dangerous ocean, storms, hurricanes, sharks – nothing stops daredevils who want to experience something new. In search of unexplored lands, where no man’s foot has stepped, they are ready for anything. On one of these trips, a shipwreck occurred. A sailor who miraculously escaped without the Internet, a mobile phone and any means of subsistence has been "hanging out" in the water for more than one day, hoping to see the desired island.

Pack your bags faster, choose from 1 to 9 lines in the Island 2 slot machine and go to rescue the poor fellow. Seagulls, message bottles, balloons and turtles will help you get out of the water and rescue sailors. 3 symbols of the island will show the way to hospitable lands where you can quench your thirst and hunger. Getting there is easy: you need to find the fins of a friendly dolphin and not stumble upon a deadly shark. The island has plenty of mouth-watering meats, pick a fresh piece, feed it to Robinson and help him get home.

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