Along with gambling, alcohol and women are constantly present near the player. These are the kind of drugs that prevent the player from focusing on the game. But thanks to these components, the casino has a special, incomparable atmosphere of excitement. After all, excitement has the same intoxicating effect as alcohol and sex. Those who consider gambling to be a surrogate for human feelings will be wrong. But play is as much a part of human life as other areas. The game tests a person for luck, endurance, as well as the adequacy of behavior when the situation changes and making the right decisions.

Visitors to gambling establishments

Experts from the American Gaming Association conducted research and concluded that the player is more patriotic than an ordinary US citizen. Typically, casino players are people who have an average annual income of about $ 60,000, own a home, follow events in the country, attend church, do charity work, and lead an active lifestyle.

Why, then, does gambling occupy the first places in the rating of dubious business sectors? The whole reason is in pathological gamblers who, by their behavior, make the gambling business questionable.

After all, it is such a pathological gambler that is mentioned in books, in crime news, that people believe that only such dubious persons can gamble. Although, judging by this, such extremes are found in all spheres of human life, but we will not deny marriage just because there are jealous husbands or those who beat their wives. Science has proven that gambling addiction is a disease, but a predisposition to this disease manifests itself even before the start of the game. Most likely, the gambling addict will also have a craving for alcohol. But, if such a player drinks, then he can become an alcoholic. But such players make up a very small percentage of all casino players.

Alcohol and play

Almost all casinos offer free alcoholic drinks to regular customers. After all, the losses of the players completely cover all the costs of the house. But, those players who abuse alcohol can be denied access to the bar, and the most hopeless are blacklisted, and the entrance to the casino is closed to them.

Good players are not addicted to drinking because they know that it negatively affects the game. But you can’t completely give up alcohol, it looks suspicious, so they just sip on their cocktail.

Nevertheless, alcohol and love for the game, life and joy create the inherent atmosphere for gambling establishments.

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