Manicurist accuses Wynn casino hotel of sexism

The manicurist believes gender bias was the reason for his dismissal from the Wynn Casino Hotel. The upset guy has filed a complaint with a Las Vegas court and is very determined.

For several months now, the luxury resort of Wynn Las Vegas has been circulating in the press in connection with the constantly emerging facts of the lust of its founder, Steve Wynn. This time, the former employee of this complex, Vincent Fried, who worked here as a manicurist, decided to throw firewood on the fire of scandals.

The man filed a lawsuit against the heads of the casino hotel, accusing them of gender discrimination, violation of the labor regime and his unfair dismissal. He claims to have been harassed and humiliated solely for being male. Discrimination included inconsistency in client appointments, persistent reprimands, while women workers were not.

The complaint contains an incident involving a company of underage guests, after which he was fired. Vincent Freed, having learned that his client was still 21 years old, took the alcoholic cocktail from her and poured it out. And later, another employee still brought her an alcoholic drink, breaking the law, but for some reason he was fired.

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