Surely each of you has an acquaintance for whom the glass is always half empty, and everyone else is usually to blame for this, except him! For the most part, those who play Blackjack are very similar to each other, and if you have a little bit of practical experience playing in a casino, you can easily determine, for example, where those who use the basic Blackjack strategy are. However, among them there may easily be a beginner taking his first steps in this direction. Basically, inexperienced players do not act quite right, thereby going in opposition to the basic strategy of Blackjack, which means, as a result, the share of the gambling establishment is growing!

It’s good when there is an extreme!

This is most striking when the newcomer takes the very last place at the gaming table. In this case, great attention will be paid to him, because each of his actions can have a certain impact on the work of the casino dealer. For example, an inexperienced player from third base draws his card at a time when he did not really need it. After that, the croupier of the casino refuses the one that promised to lose. In this case, no one will envy a beginner! All possible negativity will be brought down on him by other players! After all, those clients of a gambling establishment who already have practical experience in the game, and are not in a hurry to cut the prevailing indicator of the gambling establishment over them, expect that the rest of those sitting at the table will do the same and will act clearly according to the system. However, the casino itself disagrees with this and will try by any means to achieve the opposite effect!

Be kinder and the game will work out!

These same players, wise with experience, are trying to find the extreme in their failures and refuse to accept the fact that only they are to blame! Over the course of a long playing time, everything will fall into place in any case, and the one who uses the game according to the basic system, one way or another, will be the first. In cases when a casino client uses his system, and his neighbor, in his opinion, prevents him from playing, there is only one way out – to choose another place to play! This, of course, is not about changing the entire gambling establishment, but only about the table! Don’t be intimidated by the number of players in the room anymore. Even during the so-called "rush hour"! In the casino, free seats at the gaming tables appear quite often, which means you won’t have to wait long for your right moment! In addition, you can use the online game, in which your place at the gaming table is always free, regardless of the day and time of day, and no one will bother you for sure (but there will be no one to blame your own failures!). In the event that the table that you chose initially turned out to be to your liking more than the others, maybe you shouldn’t throw out the negative, but just try to help the new person get used to it? Be kinder and the game will be successful!

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