Land-based gambling establishments are associated not only with slot machines, but also with tables for poker, blackjack, and roulette. Behind them are the croupiers who conduct the entire game. But technology does not stand still. And today dealers can be replaced by ETG – electronic board games.

This development allows you to make the game more "lively", faster and more comfortable in gambling establishments.

What is the ETG system

ETG - a new technology to replace the croupier

ETG is a multi-screen table that houses the playing field. Gamblers place bets and control the game on the touch panel. A large screen is installed in the place of the dealer, where the bets will be shown and the whole course of the game is broadcast, as well as the image of the virtual dealer.

In some developments, groups of terminals may be located separately from each other in different parts of the casino. At the same time, one video is broadcast to all consoles – a certain game. Thus, in one game there can be an unlimited number of participants who are far from each other. Such developments, in particular, are presented by the Novomatic company.

The whole process of the game is controlled by the operator. It can be fully automatic, or a live dealer is still present. But he does not stand at the gambling table near the casino customers. Gamblers see only a video of the dealer, in which he deals cards or starts a roulette wheel.

Today ETG is an excellent solution for casinos. After all, this technology allows a large number of players to sit at one "table" due to the increased number of gambling places and reduced limits for all bets. For example, at a regular baccarat table, only 9 players can fit, while at an electronic table even 60 clients will play together.

Will ETG squeeze out the dealer?

Modern players are attracted by gambling at electronic tables. According to a 2015 study by Interblock, it is clear that ETG users play more games than their counterparts sitting at traditional gambling tables.

According to gaming estimates, Americans who prefer ETG play 6 times more than those who like classic gambling with a croupier. And 54% of gambling Canadians spend their time at electronic gambling tables, and only 34% choose games with a dealer.

It is reasonable to believe that ETGs can overtake the classic gaming tables. But they are unlikely to be completely displaced. At least not now. After all, many gamblers still love games with a croupier, feeling the attractive atmosphere of a real casino.

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