Amphetamine lab triggers fire at Tropicana casino

In a hotel room at the Tropicana casino, a man set up an amphetamine laboratory that caused a fire in the building.

The New Jersey Fire Department received a report of a fire at the Tropicana Casino at 9:47 am. The fire raged on the 44th floor in one of the hotel’s rooms. Firefighters managed to extinguish the fire, for this they had to evacuate people from four floors.

When the smoke cleared, the firefighters found an interesting picture. It turns out that the owner has set up an amphetamine production in his room. Such a process is known to be susceptible to sudden fires and accidental explosions, which is what happened in this case.

The offender is arrested

The casino security service, after reviewing the video from the security camera, established that three people left the premises before the rescuers arrived at the scene. They were detained 12 hours after the fire, but only one of them, 49-year-old Michael Pillar, was charged.

Material damage is estimated at $ 50,000, no casualties. A question arises for the employees of the hotel-casino – how could they not smell the drug laboratory, if this production produces strong odors similar to rotten eggs and cat urine?

Author: © Alexander Filipov

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