There are two main ways to play online casinos: download and install the appropriate software on your computer, or play directly using your web browser on the online casino website.

Flash technology allows players to enjoy online casinos without any downloads through a web browser. To play through a web browser, you need any web browser on your computer and an installed flash plug-in, installing such a plug-in will not be problematic, because its installation is automatically offered when you visit any page that uses flash technology.

The preference towards a web browser for playing in a casino is mainly due to personal choice or the incompatibility of the operating system and software product, for example, macOS and Linux. Basically, both in the flash version of an online casino and in a full-fledged program for a computer, the set of online slots is the same, and the latter can also have mini-versions of online games that use Flash technology.

Next, we will look at the positive and negative aspects of the web browser as a way to play in a casino:

Positive aspects:

– there is no need to install all sorts of software on your computer;

– support for popular web browsers – GoogleChrome, Opera, MozillaFireFox;

– the game starts instantly, without any long downloads.

Negative sides:

– in the case of a low-speed Internet connection, the stability of the game may be low, since the game is loaded from a remote server;

– low quality graphics and sound effects.

If you prefer full-fledged software

According to professional gamblers, the installed software is much more convenient for playing in a casino than the flash version.


– graphics are made at a very high quality level, sound effects create a pleasant atmosphere, colorful and smooth animation;

– high stability and reliability of the software;

– easy to use and intuitive program interface;

– you can start the game with just one click on the shortcut with the installed software;

Weak sides:

– sometimes the need to wait for the program to load into RAM, and also in some cases – lack of access to the program;

– the entire software package can occupy from 100 to 250 MB of virtual memory on a computer disk;

– the ability to enter your gaming account only from your computer.

We can conclude that the full-fledged software is equipped with high-quality graphics and sound effects, this allows the player to fully experience the entire atmosphere of a gambling game. This phenomenon is explained by the level of software quality that is offered by well-known world-famous developers such as: PlayTech, Microgaming, Cryptologic – also the use of computer hardware and Internet bandwidth.

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