Samba Brazil is a twenty-five payline slot machine dedicated to the theme of the legendary Brazilian carnival. The player’s task has remained standard – to spin the reels until the maximum winning combination hits them. Consider all the carnival beauty of this device. First of all, it is worth noting that the one hundred theoretical percentage of return on funds for "Samba Brazil" is quite high – 95.08%.

general information

The graphics standards of the slot are beyond praise – here you will meet beauties with gorgeous busts and colorful rattles, without which no carnival can do.

The slot limit, that is, the bet per line, varies from one cent to twelve and a half dollars. If you play to the maximum, then the amount will be pretty solid. The winning symbols on the lines become when there are at least three of them.

Functions of some symbols

A beautiful dancer topped with colorful feathers, Samba Brazil has a mixed game feature. Payouts depend on in which positions on the reels it will appear and in what quantities. For example, if there are two images of a dancer, then this is a prize in the amount of ten bets. If the dancer is complemented by an image of a bra decorated with rhinestones, then you are entitled to eight bets. If these two images alternate on all the reels, then the payout will reach seven hundred and fifty bets. For the same five symbols, you will be credited with five thousand bets.

The dancer on the middle three reels can be wild. It changes everything, except, as usual, a scattered symbol, and these are multi-colored feathers with the logo of the game. The scatter launches the bonus game, and also brings up to one hundred total bets. For the bonus round to start, you must have at least three scatter symbols on the screen. Next, you yourself determine the number of free spins by choosing one of the proposed rattles. The maximum that can be achieved in the bonus game is eight spins and a threefold multiplier. If you do not want to take part in it and are in a hurry to return to the main game as soon as possible, then the cash prize can be taken away immediately. By the way, mixed symbols do not lose their functions during free spins.

The slot machine dedicated to the carnival is very exciting, but you should not completely abstract from reality during the game. Keep yourself in control and remember that numbers are the main thing for you, not loud music and bright feathers. First of all, "Samba Brazil" should appeal to merry people who adore bright shows and at the same time know how to combine such pleasure with excitement. There is no risk game on this slot. However, this is even good, under the symbolic crackle of rattles and the rumble of drums, you will not be able to lower everything to zero.

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