The slot called "Alcatraz" is a slot machine with very colorful graphics and a generous bonus game. A fugitive from a legendary prison on his way to freedom will have to wade through deep and tangled tunnels, build floating facilities from scrap materials, overcome many other difficulties and obstacles. The process of the game is very exciting and demanding endurance, but at the same time it is not difficult at all. To perform an action, the player is given not one attempt, but several at once. Bonuses in "Alcatraz" can hardly be called transcendental, however, their size directly depends on the amount of the bet.

How to play

To start the game, you just need to click on the "Start" button and the wonderful world of the "Alcatraz" slot machine will immediately open in front of you. But the slot will be able to start entertaining you only after replenishing the game account. The reels start and when they stop, you can see how much you won. The amount of the win is summed up for all active lines (the maximum number of them is nine). They win both individually and simultaneously. The payout coefficient will depend on the number of identical symbols that will appear on the reels of the Alcatraz slot machine.

Bonus games: what are they good for?

If the "prisoner" symbol appears on any of the active lines, the first bonus game called "Tunnel" will start. A prisoner will appear on the monitor, who, while trying to escape, ended up in a tunnel littered with stones. Some stones can collapse and trap a prisoner, while others are completely harmless. The player will have to guess the stones from the second category. Depending on the bet, he will be offered 1 or 2 attempts for this. When the bonus game ends, the winnings of the previous rounds do not burn out, but remain on the account. You can play in the "Tunnel" until you lose or increase your bet 250 times.

If in this game you managed to remove stones three times in a row, then you will find yourself in another bonus game "Alcatraz" called "Assemble the Raft". You will see images of three barrels, one of which contains certain details for the future raft. You just need to guess which one. In this game, ten attempts are given, and thus, by guessing the barrels, you can increase the amount of your initial bet by five hundred times. In the other two barrels, by the way, there are mines. Having run into one of them, you fly out of the game, but the winnings do not burn out.

My personal opinion

Slot "Alcatraz" has won a lot of fans with its interesting storyline and attractive interface design. If you are a fan of slot machines, then be sure to try this machine, it will not disappoint you. Available "Alcatraz" in the virtual casino "Volcano".

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