In fact, roulette has been adding spice to people’s lives for many centuries in a row. And what kind of events this game has not experienced in its history, from persecution to prosperity, from popularity to collapse. But be that as it may, today many gamblers love the game of roulette, because it is a kind of luck, which may not always smile at everyone, and a mind with which you can at least try to calculate the number of that cherished ball, which will fall out. In general, dear players, you should understand that the result of playing roulette also depends on what kind of game you will play: French, American or European, because each of these types of gambling has its own rules and its own chances of winning don’t forget about it.

Roulette Winning Odds

As for the possibility of winning, in European roulette its percentage will be the highest, while in American roulette it will be the lowest. It all depends on the presence of such a sign as zero or zero on the roulette playing field. I think you know that in American roulette there are two zeros on the playing field, and in European it is, namely the presence of zero determines the percentage of the possibility of winning at roulette for a player. It is quite natural that the more zero there is on the playing field, the less chances a player has to win. Also, do not forget about another version of the game of roulette – French roulette, which is very similar to European, only the rules of the game in these versions of the game with equal events (zero) will be slightly different. These differences are named after the French words LaPartage and EnPrison. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

 Play LaPartage

The variant of playing roulette, when the LaPartage system will operate, is not so bad for the player, because if the player gets zero when betting on the same chances, he does not lose all his money, but only loses half, because the casino returns the other half to him.

Play and EnPrison

This is a more complex system of bets, when the players’ bets, which were made on the same events, and as a result, dropped out zero, do not bring the player either a win or a loss, but are carried over to the next round, as if ending up in prison. And if exactly this bet plays in the next round, then the player gets it back for his free use.

This is not to say that this betting system is more profitable than in the previous case, the odds in both variants are almost the same, so only the player has the right to decide which game system he likes to use the most in the roulette game. Therefore, my dears, the choice is only yours!

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