Fortune cookies led a man to $ 200,000

Mystic or system: how fortune cookies helped a man win 200 thousand dollars The

husband got so fed up with his wife’s gluttony that he decided to use it for his own purposes. The man used her favorite fortune cookies to determine the number combinations for the lottery ticket. Thanks to this system, he hit the jackpot in the lottery.

This couple found each other – she loved to eat Chinese fortune cookies, and he used her addiction for his own purposes. I am an ardent fan of the lottery, a man who lives in North Carolina each week crossing the border state of South Carolina to buy a ticket Palmetto Cash 5.

Numerical combination of cookies

He did not invent the numbers, but took from an unusual source – Chinese cookies. Inside it is a fortune paper, and the man used the numbers printed on it to determine the number combination. This system helped him hit the $ 200,000 lottery jackpot, exactly on Valentine’s Day.

Sometimes he rummaged in his trash can, looking for these pieces of paper. The man jokes that his wife eats so many Chinese cookies that he has to save their fortune by playing the lottery.

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