As everyone knows, there is a lot of money in the field of sports betting, and big money always attracts lovers of easy money and just scammers. Such unscrupulous comrades are everywhere: social networks, personal sites, popular web resources, forums. They are waging a real war for naive citizens and perseverance from them. Especially in order to accomplish their insidious goals, scammers even for frequent create sites with stolen content to lure a potential victim to themselves. Well, there is always a person who will believe in nonsense, and such people buy predictions from 100 to 5 thousand rubles.

People are attracted by scammers usually by offering them a free forecast

They give two people completely opposite predictions and the very next day they have one naive client. Another popular method is that they send a file with a password and give the password only at the end of the match. The trick is that the file is opened depending on the password, let’s say one password for the result is 0-1, and the other 1-0.

There are also people who know how to create screenshots, in which they allegedly bet on a huge amount and win, but still flowers, because there are hackers who create a fictitious video. Competition among scammers for money from commoners is unrealistic; there is a war for potential customers.

Rarely does anyone think when they are told that they say we will return the money to you in case of loss, no matter how it is, do you believe it yourself? Who will return your money if you lose it?

But not everyone is so unscrupulous, sometimes there are people who really want to help you, they do not give any guarantees. They are the same sellers of advice, predictions, they are just people who really understand something in this and with the help of analytics or all sorts of programs are trying to help you.

In any case, these are people without a specific strategy, who do not place bets themselves and do not lose anything as a result, but also try to cash in on non-enlightened people.

But advice from another person, albeit for a modest fee, is even more acceptable. Suddenly it may turn out that this tip, which you bought for a penny, will bring you real winnings. But it is, of course, at the discretion of everyone, whether you can trust people in this regard. But it’s completely nonsense when people are trying to sell software that supposedly can calculate everything and give you a ready-made winning prediction. How can you outsmart the bookmaker’s office, which has a whole department of specialists who deal with miscalculations and analytics. Moreover, they have calculated everything for you long ago and showed it in the form of coefficients.

You just shouldn’t take on something in which you feel insecure, and it is unlikely that you will be able to easily get rich due to dubious forecasts and programs. Better to spend money with real pleasure, why risk it?

Everyone has probably seen the famous movie "Back to the Future 2." So one of the participants in the picture, according to the plot, knew the results of the sports competitions of the future, but did not tell anyone this, but simply made a bet.

Therefore, the most correct advice in this matter will sound like this: do not trust anyone but yourself, act as you see fit, listen to your inner voice and intuition, and you will definitely win!

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