Pensive capper at the bookmaker's office

It would be logical to put a dash after the word cappers, since this idiotic word has become synonymous with fraud on the Internet. By the way, on some resources there is a definition of the word “capper”, as “partner in gambling”, and Google gives the following: “solicitor”, there is also a translation option – “figurehead”. I think this definition is much closer to the truth, they really cook up their false predictions. You need to choose only trusted bookmakers, to help you with material about reliable bookmakers.

Most of all I “like” the YouTube stars, who hang sports symbols, posters, cups, which they bought in a stall for 275 rubles, and other children’s paraphernalia that create “entourage” on the walls. At the same time, a forecast for a conditional Real Madrid of 1.50 is issued for an away victory. I don’t even know if I should cry or laugh at the sight of him. But the presentation of material from these craftsmen is as if they were broadcasting from the British Lords.

Euro bills are passed from hand to hand

These videos themselves are purely promotional from the series, I am open, I have good intentions. I just wonder where they have the time to shoot video, and then still edit, process, transfer and upload. There is not enough time to write an article, a lot of work and other things, and also watch the match, analyze the line, and they churn out several videos a day. There are several common traits that can be used to calculate worthless cappers:

  1. All of the same type, similar. They give the same promises of jelly shores, the same advertising slogans, and the same presentation of the material.
  2. There is no open statistics of rates on independent resources. You will not find scammers on blogabet or other resources, or on some similar resource with bet verification, since in fact the results are deplorable.
  3. Also, pay attention to the cost of forecasts and subscriptions. You can’t pay for them at all. It just goes to show that there is no customer focus at all, it is simply being “fooled”.

Think, if you buy a forecast for 3000 rubles, how should you have a bank? And how much you have to bet to make a profit, I take this payment into account. The goal of these people: to cut a couple of thousand from a sucker once, telling him that the match will win with a probability of 99.9%, and then forget about him.

Confrontation between two football players and a fan of the euro

Now you need to think with your own head. If everything is clear with the cappers, then we visit online casinos no less than bookmakers. And it is very important to know how to distinguish a fraudulent online casino.

I wish you success.

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