Casinos in Primorye are growing by leaps and bounds

Casino Tigre de Cristal has revealed plans for the development of a gambling zone. New entertainment centers, restaurants and hotels will soon appear here.

The administration of the first in the region of Primorye and very popular casino Tigre de Cristal discussed their plans for further development with the leadership for the development of Primorsky Krai. The management of the profitable gambling center is impatient to start implementing the next stage in the development of the gambling zone.

According to the plan, the second phase of the entertainment complex will complement the first, but will shift the focus to the non-gaming sector. Entertainment centers will be installed that are not tied to gambling, which will allow vacationers to visit them with the whole family. In addition to them, it is planned to build a hotel with 500 rooms, restaurants and diverse bars.

Gambling lovers need not worry. The Tigre de Cristal administration, although it strives to make the resort diversified, does not forget the main purpose of the gambling zone. Gambling establishments will definitely be added, which will help expand customer traffic and bring the region to new indicators in terms of tourist turnover.

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