For a year, the police monitored a criminal gang, which was suspected of committing a number of offenses. 9 members of the gang were arrested, but jyb’s detention will not be limited. Following the capture of the criminals, Kevin Hackett, Assistant Commissioner for the Joint Crime Special Forces Unit (CFSEU), held an extensive press conference, where he revealed the details of the investigation.

According to the report, the police launched an investigation a year ago after the discovery of four illegal casinos that belonged to criminals. In these gambling establishments, they laundered money that was obtained illegally through drug trafficking, extortion and kidnapping, fraudulent money loans.

9 people arrested in Canada for money laundering through casinos

One of their illegal casinos is located in Richmond. Police raided the criminals’ gambling establishments, where they confiscated computers, mobile phones, luxury cars, drug supplies, cash and bank cards.

From Hackett’s statement: "It’s safe to say that millions of dollars were laundered in the casinos." He said that the investigation is still ongoing, and soon the number of arrested criminals will be large.

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