Brent Roberts beat 696 opponents to win the $ 1,500 DeepStacks Big Stax XV World Poker Tour Main Event. USA, held at the PARX casino (Pennsylvania). For his victory, Mr. Robets received a cash prize of $ 205,944, which became the 3rd largest in his entire poker career. To date, Mr. Roberts has an experience of participating in the final games of the WPT and WSOP series tournaments, as well as the WSOP Circuit championship ring. Mr. Roberts’ total live tournament winnings are in the order of $ 1.7 million.

On the last day of the Big Stax tournament, 62 players entered the game, including many famous players who won prizes, such as Jared Jaffey (60th), Jack Shanbacher (48th), Nick Zhivkov (37th) , Kane Kalas (34th), Tristan Wade (29th), Justin Liberto (23rd), Brandon Cantu (18th), Mark Herm (15th) and Brian Lemke (14th).

The participants who ultimately knocked all the celebrities out of the game and formed the final nine players were mostly unknown or little-known players, with Mr. Roberts being the clear headliner among them. He entered the final game with a fairly solid stack of 40 big blinds. However, Mr. Roberts did not get involved in serious fights with opponents at the initial stage of the game, and the first 3 players: Bob Hover (9th place and a prize of $ 20,194), Matt Costanzo (8th and 26,757 dollars) and Stuart Gold (7th and $ 34,329) dropped out of the game without any of his participation.

PARX Casino

Mr. Roberts managed to increase his chip holdings from 3.6 million to 4.7 million after a successful fight with John Lee. In that hand, Mr. Roberts had a pair of eights and Mr. Lee had a pair of fives. The flop came a three and a pair of sixes, the turn was a queen, and the river was a king.

In 6th place with a prize of 42,407 dollars. David Datashvili dropped out of the game after his pair of kings lost to Enibal Santiago’s straight combination. A little later, again getting involved in a confrontation with Mr. Roberts, Mr. Lee suffered another failure and left the game in 5th place, receiving 52,503 dollars for him. Shortly after returning from lunch break and counting the chips, Thomas left the game in 4th place. In the decisive hand for him, Mr. Thomas was holding an ace and an eight, and he went all-in preflop. He was answered by Mr. Roberts, who had a pair of kings. The flop came a king and a pair of fours, the turn a three, and the river another four. Mr. Thomas got 65 730 dollars. prize money. Previously the chip leader at the table, Mr. Roberts has taken the lead. Mr. Sagnago, who received an ace and a deuce from the deal, went all-in preflop and was called by Mr. Roberts, who had a pair of sevens. The flop came a three, a four and a nine, the turn a four, and the river a three. Not having collected a single combination, Mr. Santiago left the game in 3rd place, receiving $ 95,617 for him.

Heads-up rival of Mr. Roberts was Mike Hollenberg, who was dealt an ace and a jack at the decisive moment. Mr. Roberts had an ace and an eight in this hand. The flop came an eight, a seven, and a six, the turn a ten, and the river a three. Ultimately, Mr. Hollenberg won 2nd place and a cash prize of $ 130,754. 

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