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What Makes High Quality Wedding Invitation Templates?

Wedding invitation templates can help you convey the theme of your big day, so you’ll naturally want it to reflect your message, style and vision when sending it out to your guests.

Whether you’re looking to create your own style or choose from readymade templates if you can’t make a decision, you’ll want to ensure that your wedding template is of the highest quality.

You can even customise them by adding your own words and choosing your own paper for printing.

Wedding Invitation Templates – How To Get Them Right!

Your wedding is perhaps the most important event in your life, so you’ll want to comb through every part of the planning process with gentle precision and an eye for detail.

Since your wedding invitations are at the heart of your big day, getting the right template is key to setting the tone of the entire event.

Whether you’re looking for simple and classic templates, or modern and cutting-edge ones, you can customise every aspect of the invitation to suit your special needs.

Here are some lovely ideas to get your creative juices flowing when it comes to wedding invitation templates:

Vintage Themes

You can never go wrong when you choose classic vintage with its delicate opulence and understated elegance.

Choose from all kinds of patterns, and incorporate calligraphic hand written words to give the invite your true personal touch before sending it out to your guests.

Fun Retro Themes

Planning a major retro revival for your big day with bold colours and designs?

Well, bring them into your wedding invites and set the tone for your big day with splashes of colour and exciting design.

Grey and Yellow Polka Dot Themes

Grey and yellow go exceptionally well together, which is why some couples like the idea of infusing them into a wedding theme.

Polka dots can make your wedding invitations in Perth pop without being too flashy, allowing you to get your message to your guests in style.

Floral Themes

If you have a favourite or special flower, why not incorporate it into the wedding invitation template and introduce fonts that reflect the design beautifully.

With floral themes, you’ll have options aplenty; so don’t hold your creative side back! 

You don’t need need to spend a lot of money when it comes to wedding invitation templates.

You simply need to make sure you get the right one to reflect your theme, style and vision for your big day, serving as an excellent memento for your guests.

wedding invitation templates can help you choose the right design for your special day.

When To Plan Your Wedding Invitation Templates?

It’s always best to start planning your wedding templates several months before your big day, so that all changes can be made and finalised well in advance.

You will then have enough time to mail it out to your guests and get their responses on whether they can attend or not.

Planning these wedding invitations in Perth at the last minute can trigger a rushed effort, which will compromise the final outcome and you may not always get what you want.

To prevent this from happening, give it adequate time because you may want certain changes and modifications that will take time.

This also means that you will get the final outcome you desire for your big day.

Working with a professional like Annie P will make your life significantly easier because we do all the hard work, while you simply need to approve them.

Of course, if you want to be more involved in the design and template preparation process, we welcome your collaboration wholeheartedly – it’s your big day after all, and you deserve exactly what you want!

Thousands of creative wedding invitation ideas are available for you to choose from, so you naturally need to filter out ones that don’t reflect your desired theme – or you may never get married, and we couldn’t have that, could we?

Annie P offers you a range of beautiful wedding templates, but we can also tailor designs to the unique needs of your wedding.

You only need to package them the way you like and have them off to your guests.

If you’re looking for the best wedding invitation templates Perth has to offer, let Annie P guide you for all your needs.

The Best Wedding Decorators Perth Has To Offer – Our Short List

Finding the best wedding decorators Perth offers can be daunting for young couples doing it for the first time, which is why we’ve made it easier by offering a comprehensive list of our favourites.

From wedding invitations in Perth to a whole list of things you need for your wedding, the specialists at Annie P can make your big day even more special by taking the pain out of planning.

Why You Need The Best Wedding Decorators in Perth?

The expectations you have from your wedding are high, so you naturally want to have the best of everything, including your wedding decorators in Perth.

Wedding décor can set the theme for your ceremony and reception, and has the capability to make your day feel even more special.

A wedding decorator’s aim is to help you bring your vision to life by encouraging you to share what inspires you both as a couple.

Whether you like traditional or modern concepts, a wedding decorator will work collaboratively with you to ensure your vision remains at the helm of your wedding theme.

When you choose a wedding decorator, you need to consider everything from budget and style to design and theme, which can be daunting when you’re doing it for the first time!

The Best Wedding Decorators Perth Has To Offer

Perth has tons of wedding decorators available for your needs, but what can make the difference?


We’re putting the spotlight on some of the wedding decorators on the ones we think are best for your big day!

Feel free to get in touch if you’re looking for more recommendations, and we’d be happy to help!

Perth Boutique Weddings

With ceremony hire packages starting from just $500, Perth Boutique Weddings has something to reflect all types of budgets.

You can choose from a stunning range of chairs, arbours, tables, aisle runners and much more.

Visit Perth Boutique Weddings.

Touched By Angels

Touched By Angels creates all kinds of events, including weddings crafted in style and sophistication.

With a unique collection of handpicked items, you can enjoy personalised attention when you work with them.

Visit Touched By Angels.

Cygnus Weddings And Events

Whether you choose an outdoor or indoor wedding, Cygnus Weddings & Events focuses on making your day extra special.

Specialising in different types of events, you’ll be privy to a team of experts who will handle all your needs seamlessly.

Visit Cygnus Weddings and Events.

Villa Kula

With over a decade of experience in the wedding industry, Villa Kula works to make every moment special and unique.

With plenty of ideas at their disposal, you’ll love how dreamy your wedding feels with them as your partner.

Visit Villa Kula.

Event Style

Specialising in weddings, Event Style has a strong dedication towards personalisation and will work with you to bring your wedding dreams to life.

Offering everything from wedding catering and styling to flowers, Event Style will work with you to get you exactly what you want.

Visit Event Style.

ANTHEM Divi Child ThemeWhether you’re looking for tropical paradise-like themes, casual barbeques or winter wonderland extravaganzas, choosing from the best wedding decorators Perth has to offer will ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch.

To make your wedding truly unique, you’ll naturally want to infuse your own personal ideas and themes into it.

Your wedding decorator should listen to your ideas and craft memorable creations that will last a lifetime.

Why Choose Annie P For Your Wedding Invitations?

Apart from wedding decorations, you’ll also want to ensure you have the best wedding invitations Perth has to offer, and you couldn’t have chosen better than working with Annie P.

We offer a range of designs, styles and handwritten options to reflect all kinds of wedding ideas with ease.

The best part is that we can work seamlessly with your desired wedding decorator to make sure you have a cohesive theme throughout.

If you need a logo incorporated from your wedding invitation on to any wedding décor concept, just let us know and we will be happy to partner with your wedding decorator to bring all your ideas to life with the least amount of stress for you.

Give us a call today, and find out how we can help you wedding dreams become a reality – and if you need to find wedding decorators in Perth, we’re always happy to lend a helping hand.

Where is calligraphy used today?

Some people may where is calligraphy used in the modern world with digitisation at the helm, but the truth is that it continues to play an integral role in the art world.

Calligraphy is used as a form of decorative writing to craft a sense of harmony and cohesiveness, and infuses an exclusive expression to each individual letter.

The origin of calligraphy can be traced back to ancient times where decorative styles of writing were found in numerous cultures across the globe.

This form of writing played a significant role in history through languages and cultures, and continues to shape the way many civilisations view art.

Here is a great resource exploring the ancient history of calligraphy.

To answer the question of where is calligraphy used we must first explore its origins in Ancient China.

Where Is Calligraphy Used?

Calligraphic works range from engravings and hand lettering to exquisite artwork with aesthetics at the helm of each piece.

Towards the end of the 19th century, calligraphy picked up in popularity, as a sort of revival, and continues to play a role in art and work.

In fact, calligraphy is found in logo designs, maps, greeting cards, invitation cards, graphic designing, diploma documents, legal documents, business cards, presentations and much more.

An artist employs calligraphic forms of writing to convey stunning aesthetics in different ways, whether they are looking to deliver beautiful messages or simply want visual appeal.

You can find calligraphy in a myriad of areas, but here are some ideas for you to understand where is calligraphy used typically:


Calligraphy is often used on the labels of many products and generally tells a deeper story.

For example, calligraphy on a vintage bottle of wine can draw your attention to its rich history and heritage.

Similarly, calligraphic writing used in certain foodstuffs can highlight healthy ingredients present inside.

Since many consumers tend to look at packages before making a purchase, calligraphic writing can influence perception and give the customer a feeling of warmth and desirability.

Calligraphic packaging is popularly found in foodstuffs, alcohol bottles, gift baskets and much more.

Annie P knows where is calligraphy used.

Invitation And Greeting Cards

When you create a greeting card or an invitation for a particular event, you’ll naturally want to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

Calligraphic writing is a popular artform here because of its visual brilliance, which makes invitation and greeting cards appear more dramatic and eye-catching than if you were to use normal fonts found on computers.

Calligraphy allows you to get as creative as you like with the flexibility to infuse your personal design choices in your creations.

For instance, a hand written calligraphy invitation can help you infuse a personal touch into the invitations for your guests.

Annie P offers a wide variety of calligraphy services on our personalised stationery.

Movies and Events

Have you ever gone to the movies and noticed large decorative fonts used to draw your attention to screens and billboards?

Movies tend to use calligraphy regularly to convey the story message with the objective of capturing your attention visually.

When it comes to events, calligraphy can once again draw attention without having to try too hard from a visual perspective.

Advertising and Marketing Collateral

The age-old calligraphic artform has made a comeback in modern advertising and marketing collateral thanks to its simplicity while delivering impactful visuals.

In the modern world where everything is driven via computers, calligraphic campaigns can make a huge impact on an advertising story by giving it some personal attention, allowing it to stand out from other marketing campaigns.

Theme Parks

In many modern theme parks today, calligraphy is given an important place for creating story telling illustrations for the benefit of children around.

Whether it is to create attractive rides or whether it is to showcase a special attraction, calligraphy can make a huge impact on the way things are perceived.

Computers have also been used to develop historical calligraphic fonts into modern art forms, beautifully blending different eras through rafts of creativity.

While calligraphy may not necessarily be used in daily tasks like emails or messages, an exclusive place has been earmarked for it when it comes to special celebrations because of the intricacy and expertise required to make it stand out beautifully.

Ultimately, calligraphy can transform an otherwise drab piece of writing into a beautifully designed artform, which completely transforms its look and feel for the better.

If you’re looking to get professional calligraphy undertaken for a host of different elements, let Annie P take care of your every need with a great deal of professionalism and intricate brilliance.

Call us today and find out how we can assist you and find out more about how, why and where is calligraphy used in the modern era.

Bomboniere ideas for weddings

If you’re looking for the best bomboniere ideas for your wedding, then you’ve come to the right place with Annie P.

Known more commonly as favours, these gifts are particularly exciting on special occasions and may include a raft of ideas based on your specific theme, personal preferences and taste.

What Is The Traditional Meaning Of Bomboniere?

Traditionally, a bomboniere included a collection of five sugar-coated almonds that were white in colour and packed in a tulle bag.

For decorative effect, the bag was peppered with ribbon, paper flowers and confetti.

Every almond signified a special meaning – health, wealth, longevity, happiness and fertility.

While bomboniere ideas have evolved in modern times, these central connotations continue to play a central role for couples when finalising what they want.

Bomboniere Ideas For Your Wedding – What To Consider

The idea of weddings has evolved tremendously from what it used to be with innovative ideas at the helm.

There’s a raft of styles that you can choose from, whether you choose special ornaments, boxed gifts, scented candles, refreshing soaps and much more.

The options are aplenty – so make a decision and you’re on your way.

We’ve put together some amazing bomboniere ideas for your wedding, so have a look and narrow down the ones that meet your fancy:

Bride and Groom Salt and Pepper Shakers

Who said you need traditional salt and pepper shakers when you can get ones shaped like a bride and groom?

This super cute idea will leave your guests with a sense of sentimentality at the sheer charm of this favour.

You can spray them with beautiful ribbons to make them look even prettier than they already are.

Tea Light Holders

Gorgeous tea light holders placed on every table not only infuses a sense of decorative appeal, but they also brighten up the space with their soft lighting.

These delicately designed tea holders can incorporate a range of patterns whether you’re looking for floral, paisley or some other design.  

Frosted Coasters

Frosted coasters not only look stunning, but they also serve as a great way to protect the tables of your wedding venue.

You can infuse your own personal ideas into these coasters by introducing unique designs, or even a picture of you two, the happy couple for your guests to remember this special occasion.

Sweets and Chocolates

If you want to ‘sweeten’ your guests up, why not consider heart-shaped chocolates, mini chocolates, white chocolates, and jelly beans?

It’s easy to make your wedding memorable for your guests with melt-in-your-mouth sweetened delights.

Shot Glasses

If you and your partner love a little booze, and if your guests are a boozy bunch of party animals, then personalised shot glasses are fabulous choices.

Make it personal with your wedding date, names and some other details you want to share with your guests.

Honey jars are cute ideas for weddings.Honey Jars

Sweet as honey, and sweet as the couple who just said their vows on this special day.

Honey jars add a beautiful touch to your wedding with their rich golden colour and serve as a unique flavour choice for your guests.

Potted Plants

Just as your love is about to grow, give your guests the chance to let some beautiful plants grow into the world.

Not only is this a fabulous decorative idea, but its eco-friendliness allows you to do your bit for the environment.

Pot plants make one of many great Bomboniere Ideas For Weddings.

The selections of bomboniere ideas for weddings are numerous today.

You have the option to choose between different ideas, colours, patterns, decorations and so much more, allowing you to beautifully infuse your own personal touch into them.  

Traditionally, a single bomboniere is placed per table, but this is entirely up to you.

Some couples prefer to give one to every guest, while others prefer to give it to individual families when guests come up to wish the couple.

There’s no set rule, so let your heart… and your wallet decide what works best for you two.

A bomboniere is a beautiful addition to your wedding, so you’ll naturally want to work with people who know how to make special occasions even better.

If you’re looking for a range of bomboniere ideas for your wedding, call in the specialists at Annie P and let us help you make your wedding truly memorable.




Wedding branding ideas: Making your special day one to remember

Wedding branding ideas can give your special day a truly personal touch with their stylish intricacies and exclusive feel.

You can personalise special occasions in a myriad of ways, whether you create a logo, add your initials on every aspect of the wedding, design bespoke stickers, incorporate common fonts and much more.

Wedding branding is much more than mere symbols – in fact, it represents personality, values, love and a union that is truly special to the couple on this memorable day.

Wedding Branding Ideas – Making Your Biggest Day Even More Memorable

It’s fantastic to note how much fun you can have with your wedding branding ideas, especially when you work together as a couple – just as you will for the rest of your lives!

Make these moments just as memorable as your wedding day with these brilliant ideas:

Create a Personalised Logo 

A personalised logo is a fabulous way to brand your wedding and bring everything together into one cohesive theme.

You could create all kinds of logos to suit your wedding theme.

The logo you choose can represent a variety of things – your childhoods, important locations, major landmarks, common interests and much more.

For instance, if you and your partner met at a university, perhaps you may want to have the university embedded somewhere as your logo.

If you’re both adventure buffs, perhaps you want to include a common hobby like rock climbing somewhere into the logo. Some ideas for personalised logos include:

  • Heart-shaped pictures of the couple
  • Doves coming together with actual pictures of your rings
  • Custom wax seal stamp with your details
  • Floral designs with a picture of the couple

Here’s a great resource with a number of different ideas to consider when coming up with a wedding logo.

Consider Adding Your Personalised Initials

Many to-be-married couples like the idea of having their initials printed on all wedding accessories – from wedding invitations, save the dates and RSVP cards to napkins, menus, thank you cards and glasses.

You could add your personalised initials to almost every aspect of your wedding to create a truly branded memory.

Personalised initials can create clean symbols that represent your union on this big day.

Simpler initials work best if you’re looking for elegance.

Use Fonts That Blend In Beautifully

Fonts are important when it comes to wedding branding because they tie several aspects of your written accessories together – wedding invitations, save the date cards, thank you cards, RSVP cards, church service books, table placement cards, menus, wedding favour tags, wine bottle labels and much more.

Choose the font you love from the start and stick with it throughout the planning stage to tie every element of your wedding together, which eventually allows you to infuse your own personal touch into your big day.

Incorperating a colour theme is a fantastic way to tie together your wedding branding ideas.

Incorporate a Common Colour Theme Throughout

Whether you choose personalised logos or initials for your wedding, make sure you incorporate a common colour theme for a unified appearance.

The common colour theme should take into account your bridesmaid dress colours, your invitation paper colours, your wedding favour colours, your groom’s tie colour and much more, which will then be infused into the branding idea you select.

When looking to bring your wedding branding ideas to life, consider working with all your vendors.

Explain the reason why you have chosen a particular logo and design, so that they could share ideas on how to incorporate this into their specific area within the wedding.

For instance, a florist may recommend specific flowers that are well known to complement the look you’re trying to achieve, while your caterer may recommend certain food themes that can marry your wedding branding idea exquisitely.

Perhaps your bartender can create a signature cocktail incorporating your logo or branding theme by using the same colour palette or design concept.

Wedding branding ideas are incredibly exciting to work on together as a couple while unleashing your creative streak, so use this as an opportunity to get to know another side of each other.

If you’re at a loss when it comes to ideas, why not rely on the experts to help give you both a little push in the right direction?

Contact the experts at Annie P and let us help you bring your wedding branding ideas to life.

Unique wedding invitations: The Benefits

Unique wedding invitations can make your wedding even more memorable and special than it already is.

Weddings are memorable occasions and require a lot of planning to make sure everything goes smoothly.

When you are planning your wedding invitation, it is important to carefully consider your choice of invitations because the sheer variety available to you is enough to make your head spin.

Unique Wedding Invitations: How Can You Stand Out With Handmade Invitations?

With so many options available, many couples are at a loss when it comes to making a final decision.

While you can choose off-the-rack wedding invites to make your decisions simpler, is that what you really want for the most special day of your life?

If you’re looking for the best wedding invitations Perth has to offer, look no further than us at Annie P.

We will not only help you design something unique, but we will ensure that it has your personal touch.

A handmade invitation is an excellent option to invite your guests to the biggest event of your life, your wedding. 

It adds a personalised feeling that no store-bought invitation could ever match.

For example, if you and your partner have a special flower or enjoy a certain scent, you could infuse those shared delights into the unique wedding invitations you send out to your guests.

Handmade invitations involve intricate amounts of work, incorporating everything from design and content to organisation and colour.

Handmade invitations are unique, inexpensive and very personal.

If you want an exquisite invitation for your wedding that cannot be replicated elsewhere, handmade invitations are your best choice.

Annie P believes in the intricacy of handmade invites and will work closely with you to identify your particular needs before delivering something deeply meaningful to you and your partner.

With a handmade invitation, you’ll also have complete control on the design and the look of it. 

The level of flexibility you have when designing your own wedding invitations is unparalleled.

Even if you decide to do it on your own, you can easily purchase readymade plain cards from the market, design and print your own text – and you won’t end up spending much money, sometimes even less than the store bought ones.

While handmade invitations can sometimes be cumbersome to do on your own when you’re not an expert, you don’t have to worry when you rely on professionals like Annie P for your needs.

Why Customise Your Wedding Invitation Cards?

With custom or unique wedding invitations, you can design something that allows you to show off your individuality without compromising on your creativity. 

You can choose colour, font, type of paper and most importantly the content.

Guests will visibly appreciate how important your wedding is to you through your ingenuity and will likely consider your wedding (and your invitation) memorable.

You don’t have to do much when you decide to work with Annie P who will manage every aspect of the planning on your behalf.

Thoughtfully chosen unique wedding invitations not only reflect the theme and style of your wedding, but also convey important information like date, venue and time for your big day.

In fact, a wedding invitation has the power to set the tone of the entire day.

You can also use the wedding invitation as a platform to convey the dress code, whether casual or formal.

For example, formal invitations in cream and gold showcase the type of function you’ve organised.

Contemporary invitations in bright colours show your guests that they should expect something a little more casual.

Sending unique wedding invitations chosen to reflect you as a couple is a wonderful way to showcase your personalities to your guests, some of whom may not know you’ll as well as you’ll would like.

When choosing wedding invitations, you’ll want to make sure they look as exciting as possible.

Bright colours or a unique design that makes the envelope stand out from other mail will entice interest even before your guests open them.

Apart from providing information about you as a couple, unique wedding invitations from Annie P will serve as nostalgic reminders of your beautiful day.

Call us today and find out how we can help make your wedding truly memorable.

How to make personalised stationery for special celebrations

Personalised stationery can make your special occasion pop in uniqueness and exclusivity, which is probably what you’re looking for on your big day.

Spending hours searching for readymade invites and not finding what you want can be cumbersome and frustrating, which is why personalising your own stationery allows you to infuse your character and preferences into special celebrations.

You simply need to rely on specialists who identify with your specific needs before offering tailored solutions to bring your special day to life.

Personalised Stationery – Infusing Your Personal Touch Into Special Celebrations

With material readily available, invitation cards and other stationery can easily be personalised to reflect your taste and artistic ability.

If you don’t want to make them on your own, you can always get the specialists to reflect the type of theme and style you’re looking for when it comes to personalised stationery.

Focus On The Paper

For invitation cards, certain type of paper can give it a special look.

Glossy paper can give your cards a more formal appearance, while special craft paper can help you inject a great deal of creativity into the final outcome before you send them off to your guests for any special occasion.

Paper can easily be picked up from arts and craft stores. You may also be able to get them at office supply stores.

You can choose the type of paper that appeals most to you when you’re looking to personalise stationery for special celebrations.

Consider The Font

The best part of personalised stationery is your ability to add your own desired fonts to them.

You can also choose the size of the invitation to incorporate the amount of words you want to use before printing directly on the paper in the colour and style you desire.

Of course, make sure you find some consistency between the font and paper for aesthetic brilliance.

An Annie P specialist can help you achieve the aesthetic appeal you’re looking for with ease.

Add A Logo Or Monogram

Using a monogram such as addition of letters like your initials or of something else special to you, gives your stationery a simple and classy look with your own personal touch.

Add A Picture

Placing a picture on the front of the card makes it more personal, especially if the picture has some significance to both you and the receiver.

Infuse Touches Of Colour And Style

To add a touch of colour, you can add fabric or lace to the front of your cards to reflect your theme.

You can also add some scents such as scented oils and perfumes to your card to make it stand out when your guests open them.

Card textures also make a difference to the overall feel of the invitation –– from rustic matte finishes to vintage tapestry designs.

Treat Your Paper

If you are planning to incorporate materials like paint or stamps, you may want to give your paper some treatment to prevent any leaks, spills and smudges when they are mailed out to your guests.

This helps you ensure that your personal touches are not in vain.

Why Personalise Your Stationery?

Store-bought stationery gives the impression that you haven’t made an effort or don’t care enough about the occasion to make a real effort, which is probably not true.

With personalised stationery for any special occasion, take some time and think about your vision when it comes to appearance.

Deciding to make your own stationery can seem daunting, but you have the flexibility to inject your style, desires and vision into whatever you choose.

So whether you’re looking for something traditional or something totally modern, the choice is completely yours!  All you need is imagination, patience and time!

A good way to ensure that costs don’t go overboard is to set your budget from the beginning, since you don’t want to end up with stationery that costs you a fortune.

Being on a tight budget is perfectly acceptable, and the best part is that you don’t have to compromise on what you want when you work with the right specialists for your big occasions.

Annie P can help you with personalised stationery for every aspect of your special occasion, so give us a call today and find out how we can make your day uniquely yours!


What do wedding invitations include?

Wedding invitations serve as the gateway to your big day, giving your guests the all important information they need to be a part of it.

Since they give your guests their first impression of your big day, you’ll want to make them as lovely as possible.

Wedding invitations have evolved alot from its humble beginnings. Learn what to include in your wedding invitation.

Wedding Invitations – The Journey From Simple To Innovative 

Wedding invitations used to be ultra simple before.

You simply needed to choose the paper and the envelope, add a few words and send them out.

Now, invitations have transformed into more detailed and innovative concepts, often requiring more than one sheet of paper to give guests the details of your wedding, along with some creative wordings.

You naturally want your invitation cards to be unique, so this means establishing consistency with colour and theme to create beautiful detailed designs.

Your best option may be to work with an invitation professional who will be able to advise you on items that can help make yours pop out in uniqueness.

What Should You Include In Wedding Invitations?

So what needs to go into the invitations before you send them out to your guests?

Firstly, they must include all details of the venues of your vows and reception.

Many couples like to go the extra mile and add maps, which becomes even more convenient for guests who are not familiar with particular areas, especially the out of town ones.

Before you decide to invest in a wedding invitation, take the time to consider what should go into it.

Here are some ideas for your wedding invitations to give your guests everything they need for your big day:

Time, Date And Location Of The Ceremony And Reception

The wedding invitation should include your wedding date, time, location of the ceremony.

It should also include information about the tone of your wedding, whether it is formal, black tie or completely beach casual for example.

You may even choose to request your guests to arrive a few minutes before the ceremony is about to begin to ensure that it starts on time.

If your wedding reception is not in the same place as your ceremony, include a small card with details of the time and the venue, and the nature of the event.

You need to confirm whether or not food will be provided at the reception to make things clear to your guests.

You don’t need to have a separate card for the reception, since you can include both the ceremony and reception details on one page, depending on your particular invitation choice.

Wedding Gifting Options

You may also want to make certain aspects of the gifting here.

For example, some couples prefer ‘no gifts’ while others want ‘cash gifts’ and some may have a gift registry for guests to choose from.

Be sure to include all this information since you cannot expect your guests to know this without your direction.

Wedding Invitees

You’ll also want to ensure that this invitation includes the specific invitees to your ceremony to avoid the embarrassment of explaining why someone doesn’t have a seat assigned at the dinner table.

Ask for an RSVP from your guests, so that you’re well aware of who is attending.

This allows you to assign seating more accurately if you’re hosting a sit-down dinner or lunch.

Invitation Timing

Remember to send your invitations out three to four months before your wedding or six to eight weeks if you have already sent out save the date cards.

This provides enough time for the RSVPs to help you with your final planning.

Direction Details

To ensure your guests do not get lost, your best option is to provide them with a detailed map of the location.

Make sure you include the complete address with GPS coordinates if necessary for those who are using satellite navigation to get there.

You may also choose to include public transport options and numbers of local taxi companies for the guests who choose not to drive.

You can use this as a separate card or within the invitation depending on how you go.

Wedding invitations can make an impact on your guests even before your big day, so take the time to make them perfect when you work with wedding invitations Perth specialists like Annie P for your specific needs.

Baby shower invitations: How to find the right one

The imminent arrival of a precious baby signifies a time for celebration, so make sure you get the right baby shower invitations for your friend, partner or even for yourself.

One of the most exciting occasions is celebrating the forthcoming arrival of a little bub through a baby shower, but planning can often be stressful if you don’t get certain things right – like the invitations.

Every expectant mother would love the baby shower to go as smoothly as possible, so if you’re tasked with the planning, then you naturally don’t want to disappoint her with the wrong choices.

Getting Your Baby Shower Invitations Just Right

When planning a baby shower, your best option is to identify and stick to a specific budget.

Learn how to create and follow a party budget here.

This helps ensure that you’re not underwhelming or overwhelming the person who is paying for the shower in the first place.

Follow these tips in your quest to design an impressive baby invitation for your friend, partner or yourself.

When searching for baby shower invitations for the party, you need to consider everything from colour to the actual theme of the party –– and everything else in between.

Since the baby shower is in her honour, consider the mother’s taste and select an invitation that takes into account her style and preferences, even if it isn’t something you would actually choose for yourself.

Follow these steps when planning baby shower invitations:

Organise The Guest List

Organise your guest list with the parents-to-be to make sure you don’t forget the important people to the expectant couple.

Find out who they want, whether it is just friends, just family or a broader list to include co-workers.

Decide beforehand if you want an all-lady party or if you want men to attend also.

You will need to word the baby invitation wordings accordingly to ensure that no one is left out.

Make Sure The Baby Shower Theme Matches The Mother’s Style

When choosing a baby shower design for the invitations and the party, keep in mind the tastes of your guests and see that it matches the mother’s style without compromising on what she wants.

It’s her big day after all! If you’re the mother hosting the baby shower, choose an invitation that represents your personality best. 

If you know the sex of the baby, you can keep your guests guessing by choosing gender neutral cards and add to the fun during the baby shower.

Consider The Look And Feel Of The Invite

When choosing an invitation for the baby shower, take the time to consider the look and feel of the invite.

For example, if the mother has already announced the gender of the baby, you can choose an invitation to reflect this.

If the mother has no idea of the baby’s sex, you can create a different setting for her and her guests.

Think Of The Wordings

The wordings play an important role in making baby shower invitations memorable, so think of good words that will stand out with your guests.

Inspirational quotes, rhyming words and attractive phrases are all ideal for baby shower invitations. 

Plan The Timing For The Baby Shower

Ideally, the baby shower should be held 6 to 8 weeks before the baby’s due date, so make sure you send the invites well in advance for everyone to attend.

While everyone is going digital these days, never underestimate the power of handwritten invitations to give your shower a truly personal touch.

Customised baby shower invitations are unique and personal, giving the parents something to hold on to before their little bub came into their world.

The moments in life worth celebrating are also worth remembering!

If you want to preserve the memory of that day forever, make sure you consider other factors like favours, photography, games and gifts for the mother-to-be, in addition to the invitations you select.

Celebrating these precious moments with loved ones will give the expectant parents the reassurance and support they need as they embark on a whole new journey.

If you’re looking for memorable baby shower invitations that guests will want to hold on to forever, give the specialists at Annie P a call and craft memories for a lifetime with us.

How to make your own invitations for special celebrations

If you want to make your own invitations for special celebrations, you’ll be adding your own personal touch to them, so don’t ever discount this option or your potential talent when it comes to making something that reflects you as a person.

Mak your own invitations for a nice touch with guests.
Make Your Own Invitations – Making A Special Occasion Even More Special

Whether you are looking for wedding invitations, engagement cards, birthday party invites or any other invites for various occasions, remember that eye-catching masterpieces will really stand out with your guests, and will make them take notice of the effort you have put into creating them.

Your invitation should speak volumes about your big event and will serve as the gateway to show your guests what they can expect.

Instead of buying ready-made or store-bought invitations available for everyone, why not reach out to your friends and family by making your own invitations?

This is a surefire way to make a special occasion even more special because it showcases the depth of your commitment.

What To Consider When Making Invitation Cards?

Customising your invitations isn’t as hard as you think.

In fact, there are so many shapes, designs and backgrounds to draw inspiration from in your quest to create your own unique blend of invites for your guests.

You can use the Internet or your own creativity to identify themes, styles, colours and designs for your specific needs.

The theme of your invitation cards should ideally reflect the kind of theme you desire, whether you’re looking for something traditional, whacky or adventurous.

You can play around with different themes, content and arrangements until you are happy with the final outcome.

The best part when you make your own invitations for special celebrations is the fact that you can make changes whenever you like, allowing you’re the flexibility to explore your creativity without holding back.

No technical skills are required to make your own invitations, and you can rest assured of their uniqueness, since you’ll never find them in a store.

If you want to get really creative, you can transform your invitation into a video to make it really resonate with your guests.

Special voice messages and pictures can also give your guests a unique experience with a touch of your own personality infused into them.

So what to consider when making invitation cards?

  • Set a specific budget.
  • Add your own personality into the final outcome.
  • Think of your theme, design and style before preparing the invitations.
  • Use the Internet or inspire your own creativity into the invitation cards.
  • Work with a professional who can help you craft your character into the invites.

Making your own invitations is a great DIY project for you to enjoy with your partner, family and friends.

Not only does this idea help you save money, but you can also rest assured that there will be none like it in the market, giving your invitations a truly exclusive feel.

For an invite to spread the message of your celebration, you need to think about what you want to get out of it.

You can choose rustic, romantic designs for your wedding or you can get quirky for a bachelorette. What can set your invitation apart is a hand-written appearance, giving it the feel of a human touch, and not the impersonal touch of a computer screen.

A myriad of invitation templates are available online to help stir up your creative juices, so you can choose something that fits into the style and occasion you’re organising.

You also have the choice of working with a professional like Annie P that can give your invitation a truly authentic and unique appearance.

Making your own invitations gives you a blank slate to work on, allowing you to input text and photos into different elements of the page with ease.

No matter what font, colour, style and design you choose, the chance to make your own invitations for special celebrations can make a significant impact on your guests, and will leave them with fond memories for years to come.

Customised invitations are perfect for big events like weddings, baby showers, milestone birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, christenings and much more.

If you’re looking to make your own invitations, but are looking for a professional touch, let the experts at Annie P make your special occasion a moment to remember by giving them a call today.

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